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  • Furnizor de: industrial machinery | Oteluri si metale | Sticla | Materiale de constructii | Marmura

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    REGATUL UNIT- London

    Furnizor de: industrial machinery | Obiecte de ocazie | Compresoare | generator | conveyors

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    FRANTA- Geispolsheim

    Furnizor de: Feronerie industriala | industrial machinery | machine tools | gardening tools

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    GERMANIA- Cuxhaven
    HEBOLD SYSTEMS GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Hebold Systems has been supplying and developing custom solutions in vacuum, mixing and homogenising technology for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries for many years. It produces...

    Furnizor de: Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | Food industry - machinery and equipment | machinery for the chemical industry | Mixere si rasnite pentru industria alimentara | Bacuri pentru manipularea marfii [+] Rezervoare si compartimente de stocare | homogenising machines and equipment | vaccum mixer | homogenizers | cooking containers | industrial mixers | mixers for food industry | vacuum mixing unit | vacuum homogenisation systems | bitumen mixing systems

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    GERMANIA- Breidenbach
    WEBER MASCHINENBAU GMBH - Verified by Europages

    De la felierea cu greutate fixă până la încărcarea și ambalarea precisă a mezelurilor, cărnii și brânzeturilor: Weber Maschinenbau este unul dintre furnizorii de sisteme de frunte pentru aplicații de...

    Furnizor de: Food industry - machinery and equipment | Food industry packaging machinery | machinery and systems for the meat processing industry | Macelarie si mezelarie - aparate si materiale | Masini pentru ambalaje metalice [+] Feliatoare pentru macelarii si mezelarii | Reprografie - utilaje si materiale | Automatizari - instalatii si echipamente | packing machines | delicatessen meat packaging equipment and appliances | slicers | automatic ham-slicer | slicers for butcher's shops | food industry automation | systems service

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    ITALIA- Trevignano
    DELLA TOFFOLA SPA - Verified by Europages

    Della Toffola is a global leader in the design and production of advanced technological solutions for the entire production process in the wine-making industry. The same expertise and success can be...

    Furnizor de: Chemical and pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | Beverage industry - machinery and equipment | systems, machinery and equipment for the chemicals industry | Oenologie - masini si materiale | wine industry [+] waste water purification | technical assistance | stainless steel accessories | chemical additives for the food and canning industry | chemical products for water treatment | wine-making products | filtration equipment | filtration machines | wine machines | systems and equipment for the wine industry

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    GERMANIA- Germersheim
    AURA GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages founded in 1982 and specialises in industrial process heat plants. We offer tailor-made solutions for all sorts of industrial machinery and process heating requirements. We advise,...

    Furnizor de: Incalzire industriala - instalatii si material | Recuperatoare de caldura | Schimbatoare de caldura | recovery boilers | heating boilers [+] basement boilers | thermal fluid heaters | heating unit management | heat regeneration systems | heating | boiler automation | electrical heating systems | steam wand | industrial mufflers | heating system

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    ROMANIA- Constanta

    ...pipelines, halls, industrial equipment, heavy machinery, and so on ( whether they are for shipbuilding, energy, oil & gas, industrial constructions or any other industrial sector). According to ISO 8501 ISO 8502 ISO 8503 ISO 8504 ISO 12944 standards.

    Furnizor de: priming and industrial painting | Constructii navale | abrasive blasting | workforce to perform steel surface treatment and painting

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    FRANTA- Fesches-Le-Châtel
    POMPES JAPY - Verified by Europages

    Globally renowned inventor and manufacturer of manual semi rotary pumps for transferring diesel, oil or even solvents, Pompes JAPY has been working hard to offer its customers innovative solutions...

    Furnizor de: Cosmetics industry - machinery and equipment | Pompe hidraulice | Pompe | Pompe centrifuge | transport of explosive material [+] pumping units | plants and equipment for breweries | pneumatic pumps | solvent pumps | greasing and lubrication equipment for repair garages | filtration equipment | water pumps | transport of food | electric submersible pumps | mechanical counters

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    INDIA- Ahmedabad
    VISHVA EXIM PVT LTD - Verified by Europages

    Vishva Exim PVT LTD is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Plastic Bag & Pouch making machines. We export to over 40 countries worldwide with over 500 installations. The company was started in...

    Furnizor de: Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment | Materiale plastice - utilaje si materiale pentru industrie | bags on a roll | plastic bag making machine | pouch making machine [+] plastic recycling machine | courier bag making machine | zip lock side seal machine | wickeder side seal machine | pen bag making machine | zip lock bag maker | bag on roll machine | loop handle making machine | side seal machine | flying knife bottom seal machine

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    GERMANIA- Bisingen-Thanheim
    DEUSCHLE SPINDEL-SERVICE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Your spindle is in good hands with Deuschle. With over half a century of expertise, Deuschle is now in its second generation. Our founder, Karl Deuschle, left a considerable legacy as a pioneer of...

    Furnizor de: Repararea echipamentelor industriale | machinery servicing | motor spindles | grinding spindle | round grinding [+] precision turning | precision milling | pulverisers | expandable spindles | spindles for lathes | spindles | high-frequency spindles | fluidax low-pressure spraying machines | spindel accessories | spindel oil

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  • Since 1997, we have been an expert partner in the field of contract manufacturing for large parts (up to 50 tons) for the precision machining of casting, steel and polymer concrete, as well as...

    Furnizor de: Repararea echipamentelor industriale | modernisation of machinery | used machine tools | machine overhauling | machine tool sales [+] mechanical tool inspection | machine tool repairs | repairs to machine tools | guide rail grinding (service) | commissioning of industrial plants and machines | maintenance of machines and installations | modernisation of cnc machine tools | installation and removal of machine tools | heavy machining of large parts | machine tool service

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  • Our PowerJet series of dry ice blasters deliver even more power with an ice throughput of 40 to 150 kg/hr. Thanks to the effective single-tube system, a very hard jet can be produced, with which even...

    Furnizor de: cleaning of industrial machinery | Curatare cu jet - echipamente | dry ice | components for screw compressors | part cleaning [+] parts cleaning machines | dry ice blasting machines | tabletop ice blasting machines | floor standing ice blasting machines | dry ice pelletizers | ice blasting machines | diesel compressor | ventilation technology | compressors for ice blasting machines | blasting machines

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    GERMANIA- Vilsbiburg
    FLOTTWEG SE - Verified by Europages

    Flottweg is one of the worldwide leading solution providers in the field of mechanical separation technology. Our decanters, disc stack centrifuges and belt presses exclusively manufactured in...

    Furnizor de: Food industry - machinery and equipment | Epurarea apei - aparate si instalatii | Reciclarea apelor uzate | centrifuges | centrifuges for metal recovery [+] centrifuges for the wine industry | decanters | sludge dehydration machines | industrial systems | bioethanol | systems and equipment for the drinks industry | complete water purification systems | separators for liquids | centrifuge service | centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicers

    Marci : Flottweg

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    GERMANIA- Peseckendor
    GUTHMANN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are a service provider based in Peseckendorf, near Oschersleben, and we successfully collaborate with our customers on service contracts in compliance with the German Law on the Contracting Out of...

    Furnizor de: Tevarie industriala | Montarea si demontarea instalatiilor industriale | machinery and systems for the pharmaceutical industry | Constructii metalice grele | pipeline construction [+] stainless-steel pipes | engineering - pipework | food-grade hoses | construction of pipes and tubing | pipe laying | conduits | bending | plant construction | pipework for plants | pipe interior testing

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    ITALIA- Fiorano Modenese
    OFFICINE SMAC SPA - Verified by Europages

    Officine Smac produces enamelling, ceramic and tile decorating lines and machinery, silkscreen printing machinery for decorations and enamelling and coating tile and bricks, crushing machinery and...

    Furnizor de: machinery and equipment for the brick and tile industry | Dale si pavaje cu dale - masini si materiale pentru fabricare | Ceramica - utilaje pentru industrie | Concasoare si corpuri de macinare | Fabrici de caramida - masini si materiale [+] Automatizari - instalatii si echipamente | mixers | brushing machines | machines and equipment for the ceramics industry | ceramic enamellers | vibrating sieves | sand blasters | drying chambers | troughs | screens

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    GERMANIA- Wangen Im Allgäu
    BOLZ PROCESS TECHNOLOGY GMBH - Verified by Europages

    BOLZ Process Technology GmbH originally emerged from a specialised department of the Alfred Bolz Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in 1964 and is a traditional boiler and equipment...

    Furnizor de: Uscatoare si storcatoare industriale | machinery and systems for the pharmaceutical industry | driers for the chemical industry | vaccum mixer | inverting filter centrifuges [+] batch mixers | contact dryers | cone mixers | cone screw mixers | cone dyers for granules, pastes and powders | laboratory mixers | machines and systems for mixing | dryers for bulk goods | drying systems | drying systems for the chemical pharmaceutical industry

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    GERMANIA- Bad König
    HIRZ-KRÄMER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    What sets our customers apart is their relaxed attitude. You know you can rely on us. Hirz-Krämer can look back on decades of expertise in repairs, modernisation work, spare parts procurement and...

    Furnizor de: Repararea echipamentelor industriale | food industry machinery repairs | Rectificare - masini-unelte | Discuri abrazive | sanding machines [+] disk sander hire | sander repairs | machine repair | tanning machinery repair | nc grinding | cnc rectifiers | double-disc surface grinding machines | centreless cylindrical grinding machines | universal cylindrical grinding machines | specialised mechanical engineering

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  • Process plants for treating liquids of all kinds: That is what Ruland does best. From consulting and engineering to plant construction, assembly and installation at the customer – we provide all...

    Furnizor de: Beverage industry - machinery and equipment | measuring systems | gas extraction facilities | plants for the chemical industry | systems for the food processing industry [+] systems for the pharmaceutical industry | systems for discharging and cleaning | plant construction for process engineering | automation of systems | consulting for process engineering and systems | container filling and emptying stations | electrical installation | process and plant engineering | heating systems (pasteurisation systems) | fermentation systems

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    GERMANIA- Dresden
    ANDJANA INSTRUMENTS UG - Verified by Europages

    Andjana Instruments offers safe compressed-air quality – air quality monitoring – behind compressors – filters – activated carbon – measuring residual oil content and more: Comprehensive modular...

    Furnizor de: machinery and systems for the pharmaceutical industry | Masura - aparate si instrumente | Instalatii pneumatice | Compresoare | compressed air [+] filters for compressors | compressed air filters | compressed air filters, oil-free | filter for respiratory protection equipment | filter for food production plant construction | filter for pharmaceutical facilities | filter for varnishing facilities | compressed air flow meters | compressed air monitoring installations | compressed air consumption gauges

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    GERMANIA- Eiterfeld
    EBNER GMBH & CO KG - Verified by Europages

    We are an independent medium-sized company operating in the field of plant construction and equipment manufacturing with our pioneering in-house expertise and our company philosophy: Complete...

    Furnizor de: Chemical and pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | Inginerie - asamblori industriali | Tinichigerie | Schimbatoare de caldura | heat regeneration systems [+] pressure tanks | plasma cutting | pipes | steam ejector | vaporizers | crystallizers | reactors | calcination plants | evaporation plants | crystallisation plants

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    GERMANIA- Freiberg
    UVR-FIA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Our company is a technical engineering facility for process technology research and development, that offers an extensive range of services in its main field of process technology, from laboratory...

    Furnizor de: machinery and equipment for the mining industry | Tratarea si reciclarea deseurilor - masini si instalatii | Pulberi din metale | Energie si materii prime - servicii pentru industrie | waste disposal [+] waste recycling | powder mixers | waste disposal advice | application programs for the metal structural work industry | contract grinding | engineering for mining | process development | contract manufacturing of raw materials in powder form | raw materials contract research | processing technology

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  • L.B. Bohle Maschinen und Verfahren GmbH is a globally operating mechanical and systems engineer for the pharmaceutical industry. We manufacture only "Made in Germany" and invest disproportionately in...

    Furnizor de: Chemical and pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | gravelling | granulators | coating | mixers [+] container mixers | chipping machines | lifting column | store containers | hammer mills | drying cyclones | laboratory mixers | machines and systems for the pharmaceutical industry | film coating systems | ibc steel containers

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  • Fuchs Umwelttechnik now has more than 25 years' experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing extraction and filter units for ensuring clean air in the workplace. Fuchs Umwelttechnik sets the...

    Furnizor de: Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment | industrial extraction systems | extraction systems for restorers | dust filters | dust catcher [+] dust analysis | exhaust accessories | air pollutant exhausters | filter systems | harmful dust exhausters | exhausters for machine tools | wet dust extraction systems | extraction systems for the pharmaceutical industry | extraction systems for the cosmetics industry | extraction systems for erosion fumes

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    GERMANIA- Hattersheim

    Since 1939, AViTEQ has provided top-quality reliable solutions for vibration conveyor and process technology for a wide range of industry sectors and has always been ready to help via its global...

    Furnizor de: Food industry - machinery and equipment | Nisip si pietris | Motovibratoare | Manipulare continua a marfurilor - sisteme | Schimbatoare de caldura [+] screening machines, screening plants and screening equipment | sieving machines | vibrating sieves | measuring systems | vibrating motors | electrical external vibrators | jigging laned conveyor | dosing system | conveyors, conveying systems | industrial plant management

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    ITALIA- Brescia
    VALTORTA - Verified by Europages

    Specialised in the manufacture of equipment for mixing powders and granules, liquid products and average to low viscosity pastes, we make a wide range of products. Valtorta is now the division...

    Furnizor de: plants, machinery and equipment for the plastics industry | Mixere si rasnite pentru industria alimentara | systems and equipment for the drinks industry | granule mixers | industrial mixers [+] mixing machinery and equipment | installations, machines and equipment for the chemicals industry | machines for blending pvc | turbomixers | horizontal high-speed mixers with paddle blades | horizontal mixers for powders or dry pellets | horizontal mixers for pvc | conical mixers | horizontal high-speed mixers with blades | horizontal mixers for tpr

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    GERMANIA- Bocholt
    OLBRICH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    With more than 65 years of passion for technology, Olbrich consistently places great emphasis on tradition and innovation. We have endeavoured to develop groundbreaking cutting-edge technology for...

    Furnizor de: Rubber - industrial machinery and equipment | Prese hidraulice | Textile tehnice | Hartie cretata | hydraulic punch cutters [+] installations for films | rubber | drying plant | paint line | machine assembly | manufacture of calandering machines | rotary wrappers | downcoilers | rubber industry | special machines for the rubber industry

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  • Machine manufacturer Carl KRAFFT & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1870 as an iron foundry and mechanical engineering company. Krafft is a medium-sized family-run company with 100 employees across...

    Furnizor de: static and dynamic balancing of industrial plant and machinery | Laminoare - utilaje si instalatii | Nichelarea | rolling | drying cylinders [+] rolling | guide rollers | drums | application programs for the paper industry | top hats | turned small parts | textile industry | cpm bearings | chromium plating | waxing

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    GERMANIA- Warendorf
    HL ANLAGENTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    HL Anlagentechnik is your reliable partner for plant design, production, installation, pipeline construction and installation and commissioning. In our production facilities in Freckenhorst, near...

    Furnizor de: Chemical industry - machinery and equipment | Instalatii industriale - conceptie | Tevarie industriala | systems, machinery and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry | plant construction [+] mechanical and industrial assembly consultants | mechanical assembly of systems | pipes | food industry system design | installation of plants for the food industry | pipeline construction | system design | installation design and implementation | textile system design | industrial installations

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    GERMANIA- Geseke
    IVT GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    IVT GmbH & Co. KG connects as a trading partner industry, wholesale trade and manufacturers. Customer proximity, service and adherence to delivery dates, as well as long-standing, successful business...

    Furnizor de: Food industry - machinery and equipment | Conducte din metale feroase | cable gland conduits | cable paths | stainless steel cable raceway [+] wire caps | cable trays | wire mesh trays | steel cable ducts | metal cable ducts | cable ladder | stainless steel cable ladders | cable trays | mini-ducts for cables | wire mesh baskets

    Marci : SILTEC

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