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    NOVAREV is France's leading wholesaler of hemp and hemp-related products. The company was created with the aim of supplying our trade customers with quality products at fair prices, backed by an unmatched customer experience that will help you enter the booming market for products of this type. The idea behind setting up as wholesalers was to share our expertise with as many people as possible, based on the enthusiasm shown by our retail customers for the hemp-related products we well through HIGH SOCIETY stores. As hemp experts, we offer high quality flowers, pollen, resins and other related products, all certified and supplied at the best possible price. Every product sold by NOVAREV is the culmination of a foolproof process that we control at every stage, from selecting hemp seed phenotypes all the way to the uses and satisfaction experienced by the end customer. You provide your customers with quality products, the fruit of our unparalleled knowledge and expertise, when you choose hemp products from NOVAREV. Our flowers, resins and pollens offer outstanding quality and exceptional olfactory pyramids for the delight of your customers. Feel free to contact us for further information!



    Since 2008, our manufacturing company GOLF COSMETICS, based in Istanbul/Turkey, has specialized in aerosol and liquid filling with personal & home & auto care products. We manufacture not only our brands but also provide contract manufacturing brands. We use the latest technology machinery for production, the production capacity of our factory is 100.000 pcs for Aerosols and 50.000 pcs for Liquids in a daily basis. Our factory has been under construction which will be 8000m2 in 2023; thus, thankfully we are getting bigger day by day in order to give the best service for our clients. Indeed we have specialized in aerosol filling over the years with an extended product range, including air fresheners, deodorants, shaving foam, auto silicone, lighter gas, and many more to be discovered on our website. We also offer hygiene products such as disinfectants, liquid soaps, Eau de cologne, cotton buds, and paper cups. Thanks to our highly qualified exclusive distribution partners, our company's ever-growing global success enabled us to present on domestic and internal markets in more than 40 countries. (mainly the Middle East, Europe, Balkans, Africa, Asia) Besides, as we work every day under GMP standards to ensure the quality of our products, we are also proud to be certified according to ISO 9001 standards. Our goal is to participate in creating the next generation of cosmetics with our quality products. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    We have established our company OSEN İÇ VE DIŞ TİC. SAN. LTD. ŞTİ in 2021 and everything began with our dreams.Our primary materials are organic and natural cosmetic semi-final and final products, porcelain ceramic tiles, plastic and aluminum materials compatible with construction materials. Cosmate is our new brand to use for all our organic cosmetic products. We are making both private labels and under our brand productions. Our motto is "together better life." Deformations occur in our body due to sun, wind, or lifestyle in daily life. As Cosmate, we are here to prevent and we do our best to give you a better life. For us spreading natural and authentic organic products is our key element. Moreover, we strive to maximize benefit with the products we produce by avoiding chemical products that adversely affect the skin. We are here to give you more value to your life and make you feel better! We care about your needs and concerns thats why we work hard to make you feel better. Because when we are together, everything is different. That's the reason why Cosmate was founded! To make you feel better together! We respect the nature and offer our products, which are not tested on any animals, in the most natural and highest quality form, on this path we set out with the dream of being a part of "returning to essence and nature". Do not hesitate to contact us !



    As a cosmetics laboratory and contract manufacturer, DÔM LABS offers comprehensive services and expert guidance in terms of the formulation and production of your cosmetic products. Quality cosmetics advice from a team of experts. We can guide you step by step, from design to manufacturing your cosmetic products, overseeing the packaging prior to it going on sale. Our cosmetics experts understand how to listen to your specific needs and will help you make your project a reality. Our offer of services is structured around 3 separate approaches: Full service is the most complete, ensuring that your idea turns into a ready-for-market cosmetic product. Your project is defined in technical, scientific, economic and commercial (marketing) terms. Private label allows you to chose the formulations for your cosmetic products (make-up, wellness, skincare, spa). You will be assisted by cosmetics specialists, benefiting from all their specialist cosmetics advice. You will obtain finished products or bulk cosmetics, the choice is yours. Contract manufacturing is the fabrication of cosmetic products according to formulas supplied by you. We carry out the production and packaging of you cosmetics at our production facility. Note also that we offer fixed price minimum purchases to our customers at attractive terms. We are present in over 25 countries.



    Established in 2013, Agarta Herbal Cosmetics is a Vegan and Halal Cosmetics products manufacturer from Ankara, Turkey. With our experienced team and wide product range, we have reached a significant market both in Turkey and abroad in a short time. We have a wide product range such as : •Toothpaste, •Beauty creams, •Skincare products, •Shampoos, •Soaps and soap bases, •Colognes, •Antibacterial products, •Sunscreens and many more are to be discovered on our website! We produce our products with natural herbal extracts and vegetable oils in our modern facility using the latest technology in the most hygienic environments, following quality procedures and international standards. In addition, our expert R&D team constantly works to develop our product range to follow the newest inventions in the cosmetics industry. Our mission is to create personal care awareness and design and produce products per consumer needs. We are your solution partner that provides supply and production services with overseas dealerships, Export worldwide, and produce private label to fulfill our customer's demands. We are certified GIMDES & TSE Halal. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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    LISINE has been creating professional beauty products since 1972 and distributes them to more than 350 beauty salons. We undertake to supply professionals and consumers with innovative products that offer excellent value for money. Our product portfolio is very wide: - Under our Lisine brand: skincare for the face and body, make-up, nail varnish. - Under our FYI skincare brand: products for teenagers. - Under our Guill D’or brand: Self-tanning and depilatory products. - Under our Kyvora brand: beauty accessories for professionals. We also supply our wide range of skincare products re-badged under private label. Our contemporary solutions and advanced formulas, using the latest cutting-edge technologies and production methods make LISINE a one-of-a-kind player in the professional beauty market. Our beauty and make-up products, with their pleasant textures and fashionable colours always set the pace. We can currently offer 15 different treatments/protocols for beauticians and comprehensive solutions for their salons. We will make a point of giving you all our advice to help you develop our brands on your distribution network or guide you through your private label venture. Our priority is to offer you high quality products and services over the long term.



    MCH Cosmetic is a Turkish company that manufactures world class cosmetic and dermocosmetic products. Since its beginnings our company has focused to invest in R&D and production technology to bring our customers the best cosmetic products in the market. You imagine it, we produce it! We offer a variety of cosmetic, and dermo cosmetic products manufactured in our facilities, for example these includes Cream, Serum and Sunscreen etc. Our product offer is growing everyday thanks to our investments in R&D. All our products are controlled by dermatological tests in order to provide the best quality products to our customers. Our company supports your cosmetic projects, from A to Z. We offer to accompany you from to start to finish, in the process of R&D till production, in all your cosmetic projects. From brand registration, barcode transactions and ministry notifications. In addition, we provide technical support for the preparation of MSDS (Product Safety Data Sheet) and designing of the packaging of bottles, boxes, labels and many others. We are a company that is sensitive to the environment and society without sacrificing quality, we are also focused on succeeding innovation and to adopt consumer working principles. Please visit our website or contact us for any inquiry.



    Balkan Luxury Supply is a wholesaler offering wide variety of luxury items. We are reliable supplier of Beauty products such as Perfumes (branded perfumes and niche perfumes), Cosmetics (full variety of skin-care products, creams, make-up, etc.), Eyewear (branded Sunglasses, luxury Frames, Optics), Watches, Jewelry and Fashion for retailers and wholesalers all around the globe. We import-export worldwide (Europe, Asia, USA, etc.). Streaming items directly from stock makes us rapid and credible partner. Balkan Luxury Supply is offering not only beauty products at great prices, but also a thorough solution for our customers including freight, drop-shipping, customs services and insurance. We hold higher stock levels to meet periods of seasonal demand of brands such as: Calvin Klein, Chloe, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Paco Rabanne, Trussardi, Hugo Boss, DKNY, Joop, Shiseido, DSQUARED, Giorgio Armani, Elie Saab, Lancome, Elizabeth Arden, Narciso Rodriguez, Issey Miyake. We also supply a wide variety or niche brands, including Serge Lutens, Penhaligon, Escentric Molecules, L’Artisan and Montale.



    MEIS was established in Athens, in 1981. Our main goal was to create a company offering a unique portfolio of products of excellent quality at affordable prices targeting a large group of customers at all ages: men, women and children. Right from the start, we are fully committed to providing the best products for body and hair care and those that make our customers feel good and confident about themselves. Our creative science team has played a crucial role in developing outstanding products for body and hair that prevent problems or solve them effectively which have quickly become leading brands on our market. Total Customer satisfaction and loyalty achieved both through top quality products and outstanding services based on meticulous research and formulas developed by leading expertise laboratories. For over 30 years, our products have been available at pharmacies shops, cosmetic stores, supermarkets chains and specialized shops all over Greece. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Bespoke quality cosmetics: The LabOrganic laboratory puts a wide range of standard cosmetic formulas at your disposal as a white label offer. These approved organic and non-organic items, will enable you to bring new products quickly to market offering excellent value for money. Breathe life into your project! The LabOrganic laboratory, a BIO COSMOS-certified contract manufacturer of cosmetics, supports the development of your brand (marketing, formulation, regulations, industrialisation, manufacturing, packing).



    After working at Turkey’s top companies and getting experience in R&D, marketing, sales, and manufacturing, we decided to use that solid background of 20 years for companies that want to create their brand. “You want to produce cosmetics. Quality, innovation, differentiation, and long-term partnership are important to you. You only tell your expectations, you don’t want to deal with the remaining details ”: this is the short profile of our business partners. We are that partner who covers all the work regarding formulating, product design, purchasing, production, and documentation. We have a broad range of proven and stable formulations, and we produce high-quality products at affordable prices. We follow global trends, cutting-edge technology activities, and new generation formulations. Our skincare, haircare, baby care, sun care, personal care, and make-up products comply with European standards and are formulated with ingredients that perfectly match your needs. We can offer packaging and designs suitable for the product concept you want, and we provide you with the product that best fits your target. In today’s market, it is very important to sell rather than produce, so we manage the entire production process of our customers to ensure that you spend all your energy on sales and marketing. In this way, our goal is to win and grow together. You imagine your product; we make it happen. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    We are one of the leading wet wipes manufacturers and personal hygiene products suppliers in Turkey. Our product range includes shampoo, baby shampoo, hair conditioner, liquid hand soap, baby diaper, adult diapers and specifically wet wipes. Along with the standard wipes we manufacture, we also focus on the production of innovative, specific products such as Bronzing Wipes, Tanning Wipes, Anti-Aging Wipes, Pet Care Wipes, Cockpit Cleaning Wipes etc. Our factory has been designed by the book in all aspects and has been inspected and certified by authorities. All of our products are manufactured using CleanRoom Technology in order to reduce the contamination risk to minimum. All of our products are produced with ISO 22716: 2013 GMP, ISO 22716: 2013, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 quality systems. Besides our brands that are thriving on the shelves, we also produce as a contract manufacturer. However, we don’t just see ourselves as just a contract manufacturer, OEM Manufacturer but as a partner in the growth of your brand and business. As FADSAN Group, we are willing to become your long term supplier. Only a manufacturer like us can sustainably answer your company motto. We look forward to hearing from you!



    ExportLine, a subcontractor working in the top-of-the-range, organic, natural and Made in France cosmetics sector puts its laboratory and production plant in the south of France at your service. On the strength of our 35 years' experience and CosmeBio certification, we offer our customers a comprehensive process: formulation, manufacturing, packing and shipping. You can thus benefit from our overall management at each stage of the process, advice, guidance and will have no trouble obtaining the BIO label for your products. Thanks to our flexible and high-capacity production facilities, we can offer you the manufacture and packing of small quantities of products and also long runs. We can also provide you with our expertise on the marketing of your labels and selecting the components for tomorrow's products



    ComfortPat B.V. is a company based in Huissen in the Netherlands specialized in the distribution and wholesale of branded health care, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products since 2016. Our wide product range includes haircare and skincare products, makeup articles such as foundation or lipsticks, creams and perfumes. We are your ideal partner for any beauty products ! For your safety we also provide medical items such as thermometers, face masks, gloves and disinfectant for both hands and surfaces. We distribute products from numerous renowned brands such as Lancôme, Loréal, Vichy, La Roche Posay, Dior or l'Occitane. Thanks to our continuous focus on R&D and innovation, we deliver products of the highest quality at competitive prices to satisfy our customers all over the world. Our customers also appreciate our comprehensive after-sales service. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



    Global Beauty Consulting is a French cosmetics laboratory in the heart of Cornouaille that offers a range of services for the cosmetics and perfumery industries: formulation, regulations, setting up good manufacturing practices (GMP) and assistance with creating factories and laboratories. Thanks to our expertise in formulation, we can develop all types of cosmetic products: beauty, hygiene, make-up, haircare, solar, perfume and solid cosmetics. We guide your through all the stages required to develop your products, from specifications to industrialization calling on our various services. Our overall expertise makes it possible to bring your cosmetic projects to life! Are you hoping to create your brand or are you looking for a new partner to develop your products? Feel free to contact us... visit our website.



    For over 25 years we have been manufacturing beauty products and perfumes, cleaning products and grooming products using formulations that rely on active natural ingredients. We are proud of our 100% plant-based DNA. Cosmetic products are closely linked to bodily hygiene, which is why we are so strict when choosing our suppliers and staff. Our teams are experienced and committed to producing quality products and guaranteeing total consumer satisfaction. People are at the heart of everything we do at Groupe Eurotel: our staff's contribution is central to our success. Specialists in the creation and production of cosmetics in small and medium volumes, we work with a broad network of carefully selected and vetted professionals who are all known for their reliability and outstanding expertise.



    What Hans Hubrich set up in Oberweiler im Tal, Germany, with two employees back in 1989 is now an international leading company in the production of UV gels. Sixty-seven employees work in a total area of 8000 m2 to manufacture a unique product range of around 1700 innovative UV gels for 80 countries worldwide. A second factory in Bitche, France, opened in 2016, guarantees speedy reactions to individual customer requirements, shorter delivery times, more efficient production opportunities and an increase in capacity, with production of up to 2400 kg every day. Since 2002, we have been broadening our product range successfully to include permanent make-up tattoo colours. Each jar not only contains 30 years' knowledge and expertise, but also our enthusiasm for manufacturing and developing UV gels. Our own research and development laboratories form the foundation of our creative product solutions, high quality and growing customer base.



    As a contract manufacturer, Jüstrich Cosmetics creates outstanding special cosmetics and highly effective natural cosmetics. Our success is based on the balanced use of the finest natural materials with cutting edge active cosmetic ingredients. Our partners and consumers across the whole world benefit from our decades of experience. EXQUISITE BEAUTY CARE FROM SWITZERLAND "Made in Switzerland" Swiss workmanship in combination with a passionate corporate culture and the cumulative innovative energy of our employees – these strength are what our foundations stand on. FULL SERVICE. From the moment an idea develops to the moment the product is delivered, we offer all services, either individually or as part of the full service package. Individually tailored to your needs. Our range of products and services comprises the complete palette of care cosmetics from skin care for your face and body to hair care. The key to our custom-made solutions lies in the development department of Jüstrich Cosmetics AG.



    Steinfels Swiss is your experienced partner in the conception, development and production of certified natural cosmetics, skin care and solar protection – innovative for brands and trademarks all over the world. With sustainability leader Steinfels Swiss, you benefit from products produced sustainably and in a Co2-neutral manner. Are you looking for certified or near-natural natural cosmetics? (Ecocert, Natrue, vegan, halal, Allergie Suisse), support in implementation, development and production of your products and concepts, innovative cosmetic concepts, ready-to-market natural cosmetics, an experienced partner for contract manufacturing? Benefit from our full range of services: Expert advice, strong project management, development of high-quality and innovative products, production and assembly, quality control, documentation and registration, logistics. Test our flexibility and our expertise. Eagerly looking forward to your contact.



    Artefactum gmbh emerged from the Production department of a well-known German cosmetics company and has more than 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of all kinds of cosmetics. The products manufactured at our production site in Rudolstadt are currently sold in over 40 countries. We offer our customers complete solutions as a contract manufacturer for cosmetics and related products: We offer you a complete service provider package. From the raw material procurement to support with packaging selection, recipe development, production, filling, packaging, documentation and quality assurance, we offer our customers individual, customer-oriented solutions. Or you can opt just to use our recipe development or production services. We are your cosmetics manufacturer for individual, holistic solutions. Our state-of-the-art production and processing machines are housed in our new cosmetics production building completed in 2014. Alongside our in-house microbiological laboratory, these guarantee high product quality. All products are produced and documented according to the European Cosmetics Regulation and GMP standard, so that your "private label" cosmetics meet the highest quality standards.



    ARIGONA COSMETICS & FASHION GRATS has an outstanding worldwide presence selling to six continents – North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Stocked by many leading retailers, including department stores, perfumeries, chemists and luxury hypermarket stores, ARIGONA COSMETICS & FASHION GRATS continues to grow globally. Shelf presence is strong, with many stores adopting a 'shop-in-shop' concept. We also handle drop shipping, OEM services and personalised packaging. We have a huge contract base with distribution rights from many branded cosmetic companies such as Ester Lauder, Lancome and Sisley, and certified shops such as L'OREAL, THE BODY SHOP, LANCOME, OBELISK, SEPHORA, DOUGLAS, UNILEVER and P&G. ARIGONA COSMETICS & FASHION GRATS also holds a key position as a supplier and manufacturer of gift sets. Our gift sets are produced in our factory and all sets are assembled on site, with existing components from our product ranges. The products are richly formulated and guarantee compliance with applicable cosmetic laws and regulations. We have two certified warehouses in the Netherlands located in Rotterdam and The Hague. Our department was created under the auspices of our parent company, which has been involved in the distribution of chemical products for the past 11 years.


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    MB Professional Beauty Ltd is a leading private label manufacturer of cosmetic and skincare products. Established in 2016 by a team of multi-disciplinary professionals with over 35 years experience in the field, the company has been growing exponentially. We focus on standard and customised private label services for retailers and brand owners from idea to shelf-ready product. For the last 2 years we have been developing our own line of cosmetic products that have been supplied to hundreds of retailers internationally. Whether you are looking to bring an idea to life, looking for standard formulations for your brand, or looking to become a distributor of our brand, we are here to provide flawless service as we help you to achieve your business goals.



    Since 1992, Xella Nederland B.V. has helped clients from around the world source top-level and high-demand beauty, perfume, skincare and cosmetics products. Located in Nederland, we like to think of ourselves as the missing link between manufacturers and distributors, a matchmaker helping fulfil your customer’s demands with a high-quality inventory. We offer you a wide range of products of internationally renowned brands in terms of : -Beauty products, -Cosmetic products, -Perfumes and fragrances. Our team enjoys a challenge. We’re driven by a deep-rooted desire to help clients provide their customers with unexpected finds and irresistible deals. Deeply networked in the industry and trusted by industry leaders worldwide, Beauty Luxe Parfumerie continuously strives to fulfil your every merchandising need. Visit our website or contact us for more information !



    Founded in 2015 , TRADE HUNGARIA KFT is a trading company based in Hungary that deals with the Mix supplies of hot products in the market such as Vegetable oils, automobiles, food and beverages, FMCG. We are dedicated to our services to our clients worldwide and we are making sure customer satisfaction should be our top priority. We welcome you in our trade market and give you the best competitive price you will ever wish for and be satisfied. In our portfolio, we have many well-known brands and a wide range of the most popular products, such as: - Food: bulk wholesale sweets, Ferrero, Mars, Nestlé, Ovomaltine, Lotus Biscoff, Hipp, Aptamil, Mentos, Sunflower oil, flour, meats - Non-Food: Persil, Ariel, Fairy, Pril, Lenor, Nivea, Alpecin - Tools: Scraps, Chemicals -Soft Drinks : Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi •Energy Drinks : Redbull, Monster etc.. •Beer : Heineken , Monster etc.. •Wood Products : Wood Pellets, Wood Shavings, Wood Briquette, Euro Pallet etc.. We aim to offer excellent choices in healthy products to clients sourced from reputed brands that tailor products to meet the specific requirements of global customers. The company has created a buzz in the domestic and international markets. Also, we work with some registered and legitimate producers and some import and export companies worldwide owing to the quality we offer. Under the leadership of eminent mentors, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. Don’t hesitate to contact us.



    Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe "Gama" Waldemar Nitka is an international company, which core and key activity is wholesale of branded Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs). Since the company was founded in 2008, we have consistently achieved steady growth and built an extensive client and supplier base. Now our customers are leading wholesale companies and retail-chains in Europe, Asia and North America. We offer multiple services including : Transportation : We have developed good relationship with leading transportation companies, which allows us to offer operative delivery at reasonable price. Labeling solutions : We can design, produce and stick labels with texts in your language at a low extra charge. The labels may vary in color and size depending on the product and on the length of the text required. Warehousing : We have modern and spacious warehouses, working at flexible hours. With warehouse facilities in Lithuania, Poland, Latvia and Netherlands Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe "Gama" Waldemar Nitka is able to guarantee optimum quality of warehousing services. Customs’ services : We can help to handle customs’ procedures in various countries, prepare customs’ documentation. Enlargement of pallets : Under request of the client we also offer enlargement of pallets. We are ready to help in any other trade-related matters and customize our services as far as the client would like to. Contact us for more information !



    Aycan Cosmetics TR, is a manufacturer company offering a wide range of cosmetics, perfumes of high quality at an affordable price. In addition, we produce HOTEL AMENITIES, TOILETRIES, HYGIENE & COURTESY PRODUCTS We specialize in the manufacturing of hair care, skin care and perfumes under our brands BIO CLINIC, FIJI, SUPER WAX , HAIRMATE, XTREME GEL, SAROS, SECTOR, SASHA ROMANOVA The assortment of our company includes the following products: -Hotel Amenities/Toiletries/Hygiene Products/Courtesy Products -SLES FREE Shampoos -Keratin & Argan Hair Conditioners and Masks -Anti-Aging Creams, Serums -Face Masks -Make-Up Removers -Hair Styling Wax, Cream, Gel and Pomades -Hair Growth Serum -EDT, EDP Perfumes -Colognes -Home Perfumes, Reed Diffusers -Hand Creams -Face Creams -Shaving Gels -Shower Gels We are seeking to find new European partners of HOTELS, SUPER/HYPER MARKETS, DISTRIBUTORS, RETAILERS & WHOLESALERS Aycan Kozmetik stands for quality, innovation, and trust in its products. A commitment to an elaborative production and the use of carefully selected ingredients are the empire-building factors to the Aycan’s success. Continuity in quality, mutual trust, and being open to development and change are fundamental and indispensable values for our company. In 21 years we have successfully made the move from being a small producer of hair care products to an innovative manufacturer of wide selection COSMETICS and HOTEL AMENITIES. Contact us for more information !



    HOLLYWELL has specialised in cosmetics, fruit-based cosmetics in particular, since 2021.The company seeks to create ranges of care products based on the treasures that nature provides. This is the reason that all our products are made using fruit. We carefully select the fruit use to ensure perfect and faultless quality for your skin. Our products are natural, vegan, glowy and environmentally friendly, but most of all they really look after your wellbeing! Every days sees our laboratory hard at work to perfect the best formulation that will offer your skin the perfect solution. This is why we work primarily with exceptional ingredients such as: - hyaluronic acid, which moisturises and repairs. - AHA acids: indispensable for smoothing wrinkles, clearing and lightening the complexion, blending pigment blemishes and irregularities in the skin. - niacinamide: all essential qualities when acting to combat worry-lines, acne or markings. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.



    Since 2022 Vince Company has been an international trading company based in Toulouse. We negotiate for you with our wholesale suppliers of various products. We mainly work with trade specialists, who wish to be provided with goods. We also work with craftsmen and individuals who require deliveries of large quantities of products. We supply you thanks to our various partners. Whether you need products from our suppliers or the transport of your goods to the delivery address, we will take care of everything. As soon as we receive your order, we do everything possible to ensure your goods are delivered as quickly as possible so your business works correctly. We then take care of transporting your freight from mainland France to: - mainland France, - overseas territories (Mayotte, Réunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Wallis-&-Futuna), - Europe. Don't hesitate to contact us for more details!



    Alliance Cosmétique is a company specialized in the import-export of cosmetic products and perfumes based in France. We import, export and distribute skin care and luxury cosmetics worldwide. Our goal is to be the international partner of our valued customers and to provide services characterized by professionalism, trust and passion. We pride ourselves on having a 100% authentic product line! We work with the most renowned brands in perfumes, beauty and wellness products, makeup and other cosmetics from Dior, Nars, Bioderma, Chanel, Clinique, Filorga, La Prairie, Clarins, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Giorgio Armani, Versace, and more. Feel free to visit our catalog and contact our team for any request!



    NORTEMPRESA is the Portuguese leader in perfumes and cosmetics manufacturing. We develop and produce the best fragrance products in every step, from product design to logistics! NORTEMPRESA has been delivering high-quality products for companies, events, and celebrities worldwide for 16 years. Our focus is Private Label and contract manufacturing. Each customer is unique, and we have a modern lab where we conceive products for each need: conception, design, production, quality control, automatic filling, white and maceration rooms, packaging line, and delivery! Our customized cosmetic line includes perfumes, skincare, body care, hair products, etc. Nortempresa is committed to our strict standards of products and service: - We're certified with ISO 22716 GMP, a label of good practices and cosmetic manufacturing, - Our team is highly experienced - Our lab in Braga, North of Portugal, is equipped with high-tech equipment and facilities to ensure the best quality of our perfumes and cosmetics. - Flexibility is one of our values, and we deliver and adjust the best product required to different needs. Since 2006, Nortempresa has become the best choice for brands' customized cosmetics and perfumes products. Visit our website to know more! “ALL YOU NEED IS AN IDEIA, WE’LL DO THE REST”


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