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Compania RHIMEX.COM, este o societate Multi-Category, creată în anul 1991, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Cauciuc - transformare in produse intermediare. De asemenea, activează în aceeași măsură și în domeniile Rubber profiles, Inflatable profiles, Renovation profiles, Silicon profiles, Scissor blinds, Edge-protection sections, Sealing section, Window & Door profiles, și epdm. Are sediul în Rotterdam, Olanda.

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Renovation profiles per min. 10 meter available from stock

Renovation profiles per min. 10 meter available from stock

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Standard or Custom made If a required sealing profile is not yet in the program, we have 17 production lines and a tool shop equipped with eroding machines to work according to your sample template or drawing. From a quantity of 50 meters, a new production tool is possible at surprisingly favorable conditions (proportional and one-off tool costs / set-up costs) and within a few weeks. Of course, very short-term express productions are also feasible on a case-by-case basis. If you need a different color from a standard profile of a window seal or door seal, we can often produce another immediately available color for low set-up costs with an order quantity of 100 meters. In the case of larger quantities, we are happy to provide a longer sample to try out on request or by arrangement.


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