Because of its special mechanical, electric and thermal properties, Graphite, which derives from the Greek word gráphein, which means writing, has become indispensable to our modern industrial society. As an expert and reliable supplier of high quality graphites, we would like to add to this success story. The Dominik Georg Luh TECHNOGRAFIT GmbH market a selected, innovative range of mineral raw materials from all over the world. Our focus is on graphite and graphite products for a diverse range of industrial applications, tailored to our customers' individual demands. What all our products share is excellent and consistent high quality as well as the optimal use value for the appropriate application. Welcome to Dominik Georg Luh TECHNOGRAFIT GmbH!

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  • Energie si materii prime - servicii pentru industrie
  • Argila si caolin
  • Coloranti si pigmenti industriali nealimentari
  • carburizers
  • Expandable graphite
  • Micaceous iron ore
  • Auxiliary materials for casting
  • Graphite sealing panels
  • Graphite sheets
  • Graphite products
  • Graphite powder
  • Micro Mica
  • Black pigments
  • Special mineral loads
  • limestone mineral filler
  • Micas
  • graphite
  • spiral wound gaskets
  • kaolin
  • Plastics - raw materials
  • plastics for plasturgy
  • mica resistance units
  • refractory graphite
  • Fabric dyeing with colours or pigments
  • industrial colourants and pigment
  • pigments for plastics
  • applications for the rubber industry
  • chemicals for the rubber industry
  • mastics for fabrics
  • application programs for the shipbuilding industry

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