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    We have been living and working for our family company with great passion for almost 100 years. By completing his training as a book printer in 1919, Josef Altmann laid the foundations for our family tradition in the graphics industry. His sons Gerhard and Werner followed in his footsteps in 1949 and 1955, respectfully. Peter Altmann has been managing the company in what is now the third generation since 1993. With the foundation of Altmann Graphische Maschinen GmbH in 1980, we specialised in the international trade of used machines for printing and finishing, which is our key area of expertise. In the meantime, we have continually built up our reputation as a respectable, technically adept and service-oriented partner. This reputation extends far beyond the confines of our base in Magstadt, a town located on the outskirts of Stuttgart. We are very proud to say that our machinery is used all around the world. Our vision is to provide you with the best machinery, with the best service and at the best price.



    Belgo-Milk Company is a leading organization in the field of agriculture and livestock breeding. Established in 1996, the company has over 25 years of experience in commercial activities. In 2005, the company invested in the future and created a dedicated team of executives to develop a new production unit that specializes in a wide range of categories. The company offers affordable livestock units, conventional buildings, warehouses, milking parlors, traps, feeding belts, grinders, silos, cheese dairies and cooling tanks. The company works with several high-quality livestock breeds, including Lacaune Sheep, ASSAF, and Friesland to provide the best possible milk products. The company also uses TYROBOX®, an advanced system that helps ensure the quality and safety of its products: It's the ability to install a ready-made BOX (container) type cheese dairy, ready for operation, with modern machinery and the ability to produce 1500lt of milk per day. The verticalization of production is an economic solution offered by the construction of a small cheese dairy in a container-type space. The simplification of the cheese making process gives the opportunity to the owner to become independent and autonomous in terms of the disposal of the finished goods and bypasses suppliers or intermediaries. Finally, the majority of producers have the option of installing, at a more affordable cost, a small and flexible unit, provided by the Community directives instead of constructing a building.



    Liva Group is the leading manufacturer and implementer of lightning rod systems in Turkey, based in Izmir. With our knowledgeable and expert team, we operate out of our 4000 m2 closed area and 2500 m2 open area facilities, producing 97% of our products in-house. Our range of products includes lightning protection systems, active lightning rods, Franklin rods, Faraday cage-type lightning protection systems, equipotential bars and lightning protection equipment, and thermo-welding powders and molds. Since our establishment in 2000, we have offered consultancy, project design, undertaking, and engineering services related to Electrical Systems, Security Systems, and Automation. Our history dates back to 2004 when we acquired our legal entity as LIVA GROUP LTD. In our first year of operation, we focused on implementing application projects and created an AR-GE and Design Department to produce for the electricity sector. We subsequently registered our brand as LIVA for our products with the Turkish Patent Institute Trademark Department Chairmanship. We take pride in our extensive portfolio of Liva-branded products that have received approvals/documents from relevant institutions. Our vision is to continue advancing and innovating while delivering exceptional service and product quality. For more information about our products and services, please visit our website or contact us directly.



    De la felierea cu greutate fixă până la încărcarea și ambalarea precisă a mezelurilor, cărnii și brânzeturilor: Weber Maschinenbau este unul dintre furnizorii de sisteme de frunte pentru aplicații de feliere, precum și automatizarea și ambalarea produselor proaspete. Scopul principal al companiei este de a face viața mai ușoară clienților cu ajutorul unor soluții remarcabile, individuale și de a le permite să își opereze sistemele în mod optim pe parcursul întregului ciclu de viață. Astăzi, aproximativ 1.450 de angajați din 22 de locații din 18 țări sunt angajați ai Weber Maschinenbau și contribuie la succesul Weber Group în fiecare zi cu angajament și pasiune. Până în present, compania este în proprietatea familiei și este administrată ca CEO de domnul Tobias Weber, fiul cel mare al fondatorului companiei, domnul Günther Weber.



    Package well to sell better. ESSEGI is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of packaging and industrial automation lines, in particular vertical packaging machines (VFFS), vertical and horizontal balers and soil mixing lines. We are also able to supply complete systems for product loading, transportation, weighing and dosing. Versatility: we can meet all requirements and needs with maximum flexibility. Reliability: we work to international standards and constantly remain up-to-day with safety measures. Availability: we work side-by-side with our clients during their production processes, offering a very high standard of commercial services and technical support. Time really is money: with timely solutions, deliveries and technical support, we offer our customers numerous benefits that provide tangible results.



    For more than 55 years, we have been developing and producing testing machines in the Upper Swabian town of Riedlingen. One of our strengths is the design and production of high-quality special test machines according to individual customer specifications. From the smallest machine with an output of just a few newtons to 10, 000 kN pressure test machines weighing over thirty tonnes, our team of experienced engineers and technicians is able to realise the most demanding designs themselves. Due to our close contact with the leading centres and universities, we are always up to date when it comes to testing technology. Our membership of the Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (VDMA), a specialist community for testing machines, guarantees you forward-looking technologies, outstanding quality and reliable service. An independent department deals with the development and adaptation of electronic assemblies on our test machines. There's a focus here on project planning and development according to customer-specific specifications. Hardware is produced by a subsidiary in Switzerland.


    Regatul Unit

    No matter how your product is packaged – bottles, cans, boxes, flexible packaging and others – Accraply has an industrial labelling machine for you. We are a Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Systems company providing labelling and shrink sleeve converting equipment, specialising in pressure sensitive labellers, roll-fed labelling systems and shrink sleeve label application technology. Our trusted brands of labelling machines – Accraply, Harland, Trine and Graham & Sleevit – serve a wide variety of industries, including food and drinks, pharmaceutical, household and consumer goods, health and beauty and others. Our Stanford shrink sleeve converting equipment gives us the ability to guide our customers confidently throughout all aspects of shrink sleeve labelling technology. Accraply solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of the different markets by delivering URS Compliance, Serialisation capability, Validation/ Documentation, CFR21 compliance and are Track and eject/trace compatible solutions. Our global expertise and support, delivered locally, allows us to be a focused and responsive partner that supports all your labeling needs. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information !



    Hebold Systems has been supplying and developing custom solutions in vacuum, mixing and homogenising technology for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries for many years. It produces mixers as homogenisation or dispersion systems for the manufacture of creams, gels, ointments, lotions and shampoos. The process systems for manufacturing semi-solid forms can be supplied in standard sizes of 5 to 10, 000 l. Depending on the customer specifications, complete systems consist of one or more HEBOLD mixers with or without lid lifting equipment, homogenisers, preparation phase vessels, vacuum systems, heating and cooling equipment, pipework, catwalks and control systems with process visualisation and recipe management.



    AYBERKSAN Plastic Mold Industry started its service in 2004 in Ivedik Organized Industrial Zone with mold manufacturing. Considering that quality and customer satisfaction are equivalent, it has signed many successful projects in different sectors both at home and abroad in a short time. While demonstrating his sensitivity to quality with the certificates he has, his biggest investment has been the importance he gave to human resources and technological developments. It has expanded its vision by adding plastic injection, which is one of the integral parts of the industry, to its mold production, and has brought together thousands of products and services from the defense industry to the medical industry, from the automotive industry to furniture, from the park and garden group to the drilling industry. It has made it its mission to offer the most suitable solution to the demands of its customers in the field of plastic injection and injection molding. Accurate and efficient transfer of information is at the forefront of its commercial principles. It has always managed to remain dynamic with its technical capacity, sensitivity in R&D, and dedication to customer satisfaction. We'll be pleased to answer all you questions and observations, don't hesitate to contact us.



    With an extensive program BEKO TECHNOLOGIES stands for compressed air technology "at its best". For more than three decades, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has developed, manufactured and sold high-quality, reliable and efficient components and systems for compressed air processing and condensate technology. Now, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES offers a complete program for all tasks related to the processing of compressed air. Expert advice and a qualified service are a trademark of the independent and family-owned company.



    We have two business units: 1. Turnkey contract manufacturing of steel fabrications with welding, machining, surface treatments (blasting & painting) and final assembly (mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic). Experience in carbon steel in stainless steel. 2. Designing and manufacturing medium and large sized custom made CNC machines for metalworking: deep hole drilling machines, horizontal boring & milling machines, lathes, gantry machines, rotary tables. Industries: vacuum technologies, energy, oil&gas, metallurgy, aerospace.



    BeRoTek GmbH was founded by Managing Director Roland Krenn in Ingolstadt in 1995. BeRoTek (an acronym for the German: BestückRoboterTechnologieKrenn) supplies its international customer base with machines as well as special designs developed by us in the area of SMT robots. Mr Krenn himself has been active in this area of SMD technology since 1988. The many years of expertise as well as the service philosophy the Managing Director and his employees live by are readily apparent: BeRoTek is growing steadily and now supplies countries on all continents.

  8. YMCUP


    Established in 2016, YMCUP is a paper cup and printing cutting machine manufacturer from Istanbul, Turkey. From the beginning of our journey, we have focused on providing the best quality products and services to our customers with effective and fast delivery. Our company sees innovation as the key to sustainable success, considers every new day with a new perspective, and attaches importance to innovation activities with this awareness. We aim to expand our product range by following technological developments closely. We continue our investments rapidly with the happiness of producing products by following the sensitivity to human health and the environment. We have a wide product portfolio such as : •Paper Cup Machines, •Double Wall Paper Cup Machines, •Paper Bowl Machines, •Paper Salad Bowl Machines, •Packaging Machines, •Printing & Punching Machines, •Press Machine, •Machine Accessories and spare parts. Our paper cup machines can produce different sizes and volumes for various paper cup sizes such as 12 oz, 8 oz, 9 oz many more! Please visit our website to discover more about our product portfolio. Our mission is to follow the quality standards with the selection of raw materials and covers all processes from production to deliver to our customers. As YMCUP, our production follows international quality standards such as ISO 9001: 2008 – ISO 14001-2004 – OHSAS 18001-2007 Quality Management System certifications. Contact us for more infomation!



    Since 1925 CHOQUENET has been specialised in the design and manufacture of filter presses and thickener filters for industry. We design filter-presses or tray filters and thickener filters and candle filters according to the client's needs to optimise the filtering or dehydrating products to be treated according to their volume and their density. We manufacture a wide range of filtering devices to adapt to your installation whose capacity varies from 50L to 17000L and pressure from 2 to 50 bars. Our fields of activity are the sugar industry, food, chemicals, metalworking, the pharmaceutical industry, urban and industrial waste water treatment, mining and paper industry. Our clients include SOLVAY, ARCHEMA, SANOFI, TEREOS, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, CITROEN, VEOLIA, Lyonnaise des eaux, etc.



    PIANEX is a Polish family business where knowledge and skills are passed down from generation to generation. We have been producing high-quality nonwovens and polyester fillings since 1998. Our products are used by representatives of the automotive, furniture, glass, footwear and steel industries. We have been producing felt for many years, so we offer felt fibres at a very reasonable price. Our geotextiles extremely durable and resistant are used as filtering, separating and protective layers. They can isolate water and waste water or protect against erosion. They are also used as a layer separating natural ground from pavement, road or waste tanks. Needled nonwovens are materials that are also resistant to temperatures. They have a long lifetime, so they are used mainly in the manufacture of footwear, furniture or upholstery. Thanks to our reliability, many recipients in Poland and abroad have trusted us. Our nonwovens and fillings are top-class products characterized not only by excellent quality, but also by the fact of meeting European standards. Our goal is to create unrivaled best products on the market and deliver them at an affordable price. During the production of this material, we take into account individual needs of the Customer in terms of dimensions and weight of the nonwoven fabric. Our commitment to quality entails the development of pro-ecological technologies. By improving our waste management, we have virtually eliminated waste in the production process



    Established in 2000, Makenas Grain Milling Technology is a turnkey flour, semolina, maize, and steel silo plants milling machines manufacturer from Turkey. We are a dynamic and expanding company with our 28.000m2 area (10.000m2 closed and 18.000m2 open area) production facility. We have a wide product portfolio such as : •Grain Separators, •Horizontal Scourers •Dry Stoners, •Dampening Machines •Roller Mill Machines •Plansifters •Bucket Elevators •Chain Conveyors, •Pneumatic Cyclone •Product Storage Silos •Hammer Mills, •Drum Sifter and many more are to be discovered on our website! Our main mission is to produce and sell machinery and spare parts and consumption materials with the best quality and suitable prices for our customers. We improve our products by following the newest trends in new technology and aim to become the leading company in the domestic and international markets. In addition, we also provide facility installation. As Makenas we supply our machines worldwide such as in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, and many more! Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Latest technologies in the processing and dosing of liquid silicones and LSR elastomer production. ELMET registered technological developments as patents back when it was founded in 1996. The name ELMET quickly became associated with high-quality and innovative tools. If the systems and components available on the market are not suitable for an optimum LIM process, ELMET will find the perfect solution through its own in-house developments. The TOP 3000 S dosing system, which is now in its second generation, should be highlighted here. Although the system was developed back in 2003, it has remained the benchmark for the injection moulding of liquid silicones thanks to numerous further developments and the integration of innovative functions since its launch. This makes ELMET a specialist in and partner for the latest technologies in the processing and dosing of liquid silicones and LSR elastomer production in Austria.



    In 1996, we emerged from a company which had previously been highly renowned for its laboratory machines and had been active on the market for 100 years. That company was Ruth Schwabenthan Maschinenfabrik and we consider ourselves the perfect successor to continue the product range of the time on the same market. Some loyal employees from the core workforce of the old company were actively involved in founding our new company. Setting out again after this hard break was tough, even though we had some crucial employees at the beginning who already had extensive and relevant experience from the previously mentioned Schwabenthan company to draw from. Since then, our company has had many of its own experiences and gathered its own expertise by successfully making an impressive number of machine designs a reality. Our customers not only come from Germany but are also increasingly from the rest of Europe and some are even from further afield right across the globe.



    We are a leading manufacturer of components for hydraulic drive technology. We can provide it all – from advice to development and production, through to just in time delivery or as a kit. We also offer various logistics services. INTERHYDRAULIK provides top quality in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001: 2009. INTERHYDRAULIK GmbH is headquartered in Selm. Here, at around 28 km from Dortmund, administration and production are combined under one roof. It is the objective and task of our around 130 employees to continually improve the quality of our products and services. The design, development, production and logistics areas come together with other areas of the company to line a path towards customer-optimised products. We offer innovative products and excellent service.



    Paul OTT GmbH is a family-run business with decades of expertise in mechanical engineering. The company develops and constructs special machinery for woodworking. From steel construction to final assembly and setting, the steps are performed in the two factories in Lambach. OTT represents precise edgebanding solutions. Its customers are joineries and the furniture industry, both in Germany and abroad. We are one of the leading manufacturers of premium edgebanders.



    Supplier of solutions for the rubber and other polymers industry, REP international manufactures and markets rubber injection and compression machines. The REP company has been selling injection molding machines since 1948. Very early on, REP understood the importance of polymers and elastomers to industry and decided to specialize in the rubber injection technology. Our advantages ? Exclusive solutions and an international network of sales and aftersales agents. Our core knowhow? A high-technology range of vertical and horizontal rubber injection molding machines. With over 60 years experience of building rubber injection presses, the REP GROUP now has an extremely broad understanding of rubber molding. We put our know-how to work for you! Join the community of thousands of users in the world who have chosen authenticity with REP injection molding machines!


    Coreea de Sud

    Industria de panificație și industria de cofetărie utilizează "mașină de tort de orez" Masina de prăjituri SYP Rice poate fi clasificată ca mașină de panificație sau mașină de cofetărie. Suntem fabricarea de trestie de orez Popping Machine. Această mașină de săpare de cereale naturală produce așchii de cereale sau prăjituri folosind numai boabe naturale 100%, de exemplu, orez, orez brun, porumb, orz etc. Masina de prăjituri de orez poate produce cartofi de cartof, soia de fasole sau etc folosind cartofi sau soia Fasole paletă. Din moment ce gustarea de cereale 100% este excelentă în conținutul nutrițional și primește o bună reputație de la consumatori, este ușor de comercializat. Seria noastră SYP are un design compact și un confort superb pentru utilizare. Este, de asemenea, ușor de controlat timpul, grosimea și forma și, prin urmare, este foarte utilizat de la magazine la fabrici. Este, de asemenea, numit ca orez tort mașină de popping, popped mașină tort, mașină de orez pop, mașină tort porumb, mașină puffing, mașină tort umflat, mașină tort de orez coreeană, mașină pop etc.

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    The company was founded in the 1960s by Bruno Wolhfarth, its ingenious and persevering founder, who created the all-stainless steel round seal-free plate filter and had it patented. This invention was followed by stainless steel electric pumps with flexible elastomer wheels and patents for electrically-driven sanitary pumps and titanium electric pumps for acids.


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