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    GERMANIA- Bottrop
    IBK WIESEHAHN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Quality is the best connection. IBK WIESEHAHN GMBH is a family company and has been committed to finding contemporary solutions in industrial engineering for 50 years – supported by experience and...

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Sigilii din cauciuc | Articulatii de etansare | Compensatoare | plastic materials [+] hydraulic hoses | spiral wound gaskets | metal hoses | industrial gaskets | stainless steel corrugated hoses | metal equalisers | metal seals | stainless steel hoses | flat gasket | ptfe hoses

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    ITALIA- Lumezzane
    GNALI BOCIA SRL - Verified by Europages

    ...reducers, taps, safety valves and fittings for LPG, technical gas and water-powered equipment. We make safe, high quality LPG fittings in brass, copper alloy and zinc. Gnali Bocia's extensive...

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | tap manufacture | heating taps | gas taps | taps for bottles [+] Robinetarie industriala | Robinetarie pentru gaz | Racorduri pentru robinetarie | Valve de robinetarie industriala | Valve pentru robinetarie sanitara | gas pressure regulators | water valves | safety valve | own production | connectors for hydraulics, heating and sanitary systems

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    GERMANIA- Oststeinbek
    REIFLEXA - P. REISCHL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    REIFLEXA – formerly Gummi Reischl – has been working in the compensator and hose line industry since 1960. We cooperate with international partners on a global level from our office in Hamburg. Close...

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Tuburi si tevi din cauciuc | Camere pentru roti | Compensatoare | industrial hoses [+] flexible metal tubes | fuel hoses | metal hoses | filtering hoses for air purification | silicone rubber hoses | laboratory tubing | discharge hoses | rubber compensators | high-pressure compensators | pipe expansion joints

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  • At ENA Energietechnik und Anlagenbau GmbH, we provide global solutions for plant operators. Our company manufactures both its own products, such as flaps, gate valves and compensators in the field of...

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Import-export de masini-unelte | Cosuri industriale | pipes | valves [+] butterfly valves | shutter frames | butterfly valve body | louvre flaps for ventilation technology | flaps | eccentric flaps | double-ended flaps | quick-action flaps for explosion protection | flue gas flaps | shut-off valves

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    GERMANIA- Remscheid
    GHM MESSTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ESTABLISHED: In 2009, GREISINGER electronic, Honsberg Instruments and Martens Elektronik merged to create GHM Messtechnik – a complete provider for measuring technology and industrial electronics....

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Masura - aparate si instrumente | Termometre | Senzor pirometric | level sensors [+] electronic measurement systems | electronic measuring instruments | pressure sensors | flow meter | metrology | industrial electronics | digital controller | level indicator | electronic level controllers | programmable measuring transducers

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  • Gnutti Cirillo spa is a company specialising in heat moulding and the mechanical shaping of brass, aluminium and other non ferrous metals. Founded in 1951 by Cirillo Gnutti as a manufacturer of tools...

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | brass taps | mixer taps | Robinetarie pentru gaz | Robinetarie sanitara [+] Robinetarie industriala | Matritarea otelurilor si metalelor | water valves | brass moulding | brass rings | working of brass | ball valves | gas cocks | working of brass pipes | hot forming

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    RUSIA- Penza
    PENZA VALVE PLANT - Verified by Europages

    Joint Stock Company PENZA VALVE PLANT (PVP, JSC) is a dynamically developing enterprise with a full production cycle from the blanking manufacture to the finished products release. The valves of...

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | tap casting | Robinetarie pentru petrol si petrochimie | Racorduri din metale feroase pentru tevarie | Valve de robinetarie industriala [+] Intrerupatoare pentru robinetarie industriala | Valve pentru materiale pneumatice | Supape hidraulice | air blowing valves | thermostatic valves | valves for the petrochemical industry | suction cups | water valves | systems, machinery and equipment for the chemicals industry | motor-operated valves

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  • As a fast-growing high-tech company, Schubert & Salzer Control Systems develops, produces and distributes highly precise industrial control and stop valves which are applied in the process...

    Furnizor de: Taps - adjustable controls | taps and fittings | Vane si supape | valves for air tubes | membrane valves [+] shut-off valves | valves | motor valves | pressure regulators | seat valves | angle seat valves | three-way valves | sliding gate valves | ball-sector valves | segmented valves

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  • I.V.A.R. SPA
    ITALIA- Prevalle
    I.V.A.R. SPA - Verified by Europages

    IVAR manufactures innovative items for heating and hot water systems manufactured entirely in Italy: heating element valves, direct metering modules, heat distribution devices, pipes and fittings,...

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | taps for heating systems | Supape pentru motoare cu explozie | Valve de robinetarie industriala | Robinetarie industriala [+] solenoid valves | fittings | plastic manual valves | mixing valves | thermostatic valves | thermostatic valves | radiator valves | valves for static and dynamic balancing | single-pipe valves | two-pipe valves

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    FRANTA- Urou Et Crennes
    ADIS FRANCE - Verified by Europages

    ADIS France, ATEO Group, manufactures and distributes water supply equipment and pipes. On your website you'll find numerous answers to your needs in terms of water supply mainly for professionals....

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Valve de robinetarie industriala | Robinetarie industriala | flange adapters made of ductile cast iron | shut-off valves [+] check valve | butterfly valves | valves and couplings | network protection | branching valve | control valve | stopcock | paddle clamp | meter valve | brass compression fitting

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    GERMANIA- Olbernhau
    AZ INTEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    AZ INTEC GmbH – your certified partner since 1979. We are a family business focused on production, development and OEM. We offer a full range of products and solutions for a multitude of...

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Robinetarie industriala | ball cocks | stainless steel exchanger | fittings for technical gases [+] assemblies for fluid technology | compressed-gas fittings | flexible pipes | corrugated pipes | stainless steel corrugated hoses | shut-off valves | ansi fittings | fittings for the chemical industry | equipment for the energy sector | fittings for medical technology

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  • Kreuzer International GmbH is one of the top hotel suppliers for the European hotel industry. From its headquarters in Austria and its subsidiaries in Germany and Italy, the company supplies to...

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Hotel - mobilier | Cabine de dus | garden furniture | refrigeration equipment [+] tables | padded furniture | bathroom radiators | lighting for hotels and restaurants | catering supplies (non-food articles) | hotel and gastronomy equipment | hotel rooms minibars | bathroom fixtures | safes for hotels and restaurants | climate control wine cabinets

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    GERMANIA- Attendorn
    BEULCO GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    BEULCO is a metalworking production facility based in Attendorn. As a manufacturer of metal connection systems and components specially designed for civil engineering projects and domestic...

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Transmisie mecanica - componente | plugs | water meters | brass connectors [+] fresh water | fittings | threaded fittings | connector technology | screw connectors | clamp connector | domestic installations | heating circuit distributors | control valve

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    ITALIA- Cassano D'adda

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Robinetarie sanitara | design

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    SPANIA- Murcia

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Sanitare - articole | Bai - mobilier si accesorii | customised shower trays

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    SPANIA- Onda

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Pereti despartitori mobili si extensibili | Materiale pentru constructii | Ceramica - placi si dale

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    GERMANIA- Itzstedt

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Mobila de bucatarie | fronts for kitchen furnitures | furniture handles | steel sinks

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    FRANTA- Sarreguemines

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Robinetarie sanitara | accessories for valves | valve manufacture | plumbing fixtures repaired

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    ITALIA- Governolo

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Bai - mobilier si accesorii | wash-hand basins | wall-mounted bathroom fixtures | bath tubs

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    FRANTA- Lyon Cedex 07

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Robinetarie industriala | Robinetarie pentru gaz | plumbing fittings for the building industry | laboratory valves

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    BELGIA- Liège

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Incalzire industriala - instalatii si material | Tevarie industriala | domestic hot water | equipment and accessories for heating

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    FRANTA- Avon

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Cabine de dus | Bai - mobilier si accesorii | wc lids | hand-basin

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    FRANTA- Lille

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Sanitare - articole | material for heating systems

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    ITALIA- San Severo

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Gresie - placi si dale | tiles and bricks for show rooms | articles for building

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    ITALIA- Ville-Marmentino

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Robinetarie sanitara | shower fixtures | flexible shower hose | accessories for bathroom fixtures

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    FRANTA- Rueil Malmaison

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Portelan - placi si dale | luxury parquet floors

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  • KSB
    FRANTA- Gennevilliers

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Pompe | Intrerupatoare pentru robinetarie industriala | purification pumps | pumps for industrial uses

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    LUXEMBURG- Foetz

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Placi si dale | big tables | bathroom furniture | pebbles

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    GERMANIA- Nürnberg

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Componente electrice si electronice - utilaje pentru productie | Masini si materiale de ocazie si reconditionate | Pompe | flowmeters

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    FRANTA- Beaupréau

    Furnizor de: taps and fittings | Intretinere industriala | Lanturi - accesorii | Unelte de mana fara motor | mechanical jacks

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