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    GERMANIA- Dinklage
    HILGEFORT GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Hilgefort manufactures and fits all components made from steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium – from individual components through to complex systems – for customers from a wide range of...

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Tinichigerie | Tevarie industriala | Constructii metalice grele | Schimbatoare de caldura [+] silos | stove assembly | separators | fireplaces | filters | mixers | machine building | steam boiler | installation construction, appliance construction | vacuum containers

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    ELVETIA- Muri
    HEGGLI & GUBLER AG - Verified by Europages

    Our many years of experience and our infrastructure have made us into a competent partner for all matters relating to metal printing and deep drawing. We will advise you professionally and support...

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Sudarea otelurilor si a metalelor - lucrari | Masini-unelte pentru modelarea metalelor - piese si accesorii | tool manufacturing | machining of metals [+] shielding | ninepins | top hats | crimping | ball | tool construction to drawings | cnc boring | pipe processing | metal forming | cnc punched parts

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  • ...natural gas heat exchangers), water bath heaters, condensate tanks, fuel gas performance heaters, absorption silencers, pig traps, gas mixers and the corresponding accessories for monitoring and maintenance.

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | gas tanks | Filtre de gaz | Schimbatoare de caldura | dust filters [+] hydrogen | differential pressure switches | dust-liquid separators | instrumentation | natural gas preheaters | technical gases | filter screens | depth filters | cellular filter | condensate outfeed systems

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    GERMANIA- Hamburg
    HOYER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    HOYER Multilog offers logistics and rental solutions for IBC and pressure containers and has a fleet of over 45, 000 stainless steel containers to draw on. The company is headquartered in Hamburg...

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Transport rutier - servicii logistice | Bacuri pentru manipularea marfii | Biologica - alimentatie | transport [+] sanitation | stacking bins | fleet management | ginseng capsule | organic honey | acacia honey | chemical logistics | food logistics | gas logistics | mineral logistics

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    GERMANIA- Eiterfeld
    EBNER GMBH & CO KG - Verified by Europages

    We are an independent medium-sized company operating in the field of plant construction and equipment manufacturing with our pioneering in-house expertise and our company philosophy: Complete...

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Inginerie - asamblori industriali | Chimie si farmacie - utilaje si materiale | Tinichigerie | Schimbatoare de caldura [+] heat regeneration systems | plasma cutting | pipes | steam ejector | vaporizers | crystallizers | reactors | calcination plants | evaporation plants | crystallisation plants

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    GERMANIA- Großbettlingen
    HIESSL SCHMIERTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Lubrication technology from the experts – for optimum efficiency As an experienced spray nozzle manufacturer and specialist in minimum quantity lubrication systems, HIESSL Schmiertechnik GmbH is your...

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Lubrifianti industriali | Pompe | pulverisers | nozzles [+] lubricant | cutting fluid | plant construction | plant-based lubricant | springs for industrial use | micro lubrication systems | lubrication systems | automatic greasing systems | belt spraying systems for lubricants | cooling lubricant spraying devices

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    GERMANIA- Büren
    IBK-FIBERTEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    IBK-Fibertec designs, assesses and manufactures components made from composite materials that are intended to support high loads. Manufacturing processes include infusion technology, hand laminates...

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | plastic pressure tanks | grp pressure vessels and tanks | Material plastic - produse pentru industrie | Birouri de studii industriale [+] Bare de protectie | fireplaces | installation of fibre optics | phonometric and vibrometric surveys and analyses | plastic materials | industrial application engineering | fibreglass units | glass-reinforced plastics (gfk) | plastic radomes | glass-reinforced plastic pipes

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  • KASPAR SCHULZ – Brewing technology since 1677. KASPAR SCHULZ, the world's oldest brewery plant manufacturer, is now present in over 67 countries and is synonymous with innovative solutions and...

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | pressure and dispensing tanks | Fabrici de bere - masini si materiale | hop treatment plants and equipment for breweries | distillers [+] stills for the beverage industry | plants and equipment for breweries | copper boilers for the brewing industry | stainless steel brewery tanks | stainless steel and alloy pressure apparatus | systems and equipment for fermenting beer | stainless steel boilers | installation construction | brew houses | experimental breweries

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  • IGW Ingenieurgesellschaft Weferlingen mbH – IGW is a certified manufacturer of functional prototypes and small batches made from plastics, elastomers and metals for the automotive industry, which can...

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Articulatii de etansare | design engine covers | cylinder head hoods and housing covers | oil pans, oil baffle plates and oil intake manifolds [+] oil dipsticks and dipstick guide tubes | moulded elastomer seals | hybrid design products | suction intakes | intake air pipes | moulded intake air hoses | charge air pressure hoses | coolant hoses | connection elements and quick-release couplings | lines with connection elements

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    GERMANIA- Hausach

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | tanks | Containere industriale | containers for hazardous goods

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    GERMANIA- Wilnsdorf

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Tinichigerie | compressed-air tanks

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  • Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Pistoale de vopsit si accesorii | pulverisers | printers for industrial use | dispensing valve

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  • Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Schimbatoare de caldura | steam generators | plate-type heat exchangers | evaporators

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    FINLANDA- Saarijärvi

    Furnizor de: Storage tanks | pressure tanks | fuel tanks | silos | chimneys

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    ITALIA- Mussolente

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | GPL - instalatii industriale | compressed-air tanks

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  • Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Tuburi pneumatice - sisteme | high pressure fittings | stainless steel unions | autoclaves for research institutes

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    GERMANIA- Herten

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Oteluri si metale - prelucrare | steel structural work

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    ITALIA- Gallarate

    Furnizor de: Storage tanks | pressure tanks | construction of stainless steel tanks | compressed-air tanks | stainless steel tanks for pharmaceutical industry

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    GERMANIA- Tönisvorst

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Tinichigerie | Zirconiu

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    ITALIA- Latina

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Indoirea otelurilor si a metalelor | laser cutting | plasma cutting | custom-made tanks

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  • Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Compresoare cu piston si surub

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    ROMANIA- Savinesti

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Schimbatoare de caldura | distillation columns

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  • PBUCH S.A.
    POLONIA- Gdynia

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Refrigerare comerciala si industriala - aparate si instalatii | titanium welding

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    SPANIA- Martorelles

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Tinichigerie | sterilising machines and equipment | pharmaceutical products

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  • Furnizor de: Tanks, metal | pressure tanks | tanks for ships

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    ROMANIA- Bucharest

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Schimbatoare de caldura | steel construction

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    GERMANIA- Solingen (Zolingenas)

    Furnizor de: pressure tanks | Tinichigerie grea

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  • Furnizor de: Alimentatie diverse domenii - masini si materiale

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  • ...(mechanical production/welding/electrical work/pressure tanks/acceptance, e.g. TÜV/final inspection), commissioning (documentation/personnel training). Together with our external production...

    Furnizor de: Incalzire industriala - instalatii si material | flow heater | electric boilers - hydraulic accumulators | radiators | thermostats [+] industrial heating | air heater | heating systems, electric, for industrial purposes | gas air heaters | gas radiators | electric heaters for industry | fan heaters - industrial | heating service | heater | heating flanges

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    GERMANIA- Wangen Im Allgäu
    BOLZ PROCESS TECHNOLOGY GMBH - Verified by Europages

    ...manufacturer of storage tanks, pressure and process containers, as well as machines made from stainless steel and special materials. Focused from the start on the typical requirements of...

    Furnizor de: Uscatoare si storcatoare industriale | driers for the chemical industry | vaccum mixer | inverting filter centrifuges | machinery and systems for the pharmaceutical industry [+] batch mixers | contact dryers | cone mixers | cone screw mixers | cone dyers for granules, pastes and powders | laboratory mixers | machines and systems for mixing | dryers for bulk goods | drying systems | drying systems for the chemical pharmaceutical industry

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