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    GERMANIA- Weißenhorn
    FILTERTECHNIK JÄGER GMBH - Verified by Europages

    At our company, we develop and package non-woven filter materials by hand, especially the new CoraPleat elements. This means that you receive a product from us that was both developed and built in...

    Furnizor de: membrane filters | Flitre pentru lichide | sheets for filters | activated carbon filter | belt filters [+] filters for the chemical industry | cora®pleat e filter elements | non-woven filter materials | non-woven precoats | bag filter housings | pocket filter | cartridge filter housings | filter cartridges | non-woven fabrics | housings for filter bags

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    RUSIA- Vladimir
    TECHNOFILTER RME - Verified by Europages

    TECHNOFILTER RME company offers filtration systems and technologies for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical industries, food and beverage industry, chemical, microelectronics and machine...

    Furnizor de: membrane filters | filters and filter elements | Filtrare - aparate si materiale | Bauturi - instalatii si materiale pentru industrie | Flitre pentru lichide [+] Asanarea apelor | drinking water filters | filtering cartridges | filtration units | water filters | filtration equipment | filtration plants | filtering units for the beverages industry | filtration of beverages | filtration of beer

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    GERMANIA- Neuss
    BEKO TECHNOLOGIES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    With an extensive program BEKO TECHNOLOGIES stands for compressed air technology "at its best". For more than three decades, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has developed, manufactured and sold high-quality,...

    Furnizor de: membrane filters | filtering membranes | Pneumatice - instalatii si utilaje | Filtrare - aparate si materiale | Instalatii pneumatice [+] Gaze comprimate | Masura - aparate si instrumente | Tratarea aerului - aparate si instalatii | Filtre de gaz | desiccation | metrology | compressed air filters | compressed air systems and equipment | condensers | activated carbon filter

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    GERMANIA- Korntal-Münchingen

    Furnizor de: membrane filters | Tratarea apei - aparate si instalatii | Epurarea apei - aparate si instalatii | microfiltration | water ultra filtration systems

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  • Furnizor de: membrane filters | Produse pentru epurarea apelor

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  • Furnizor de: membrane filters | Filtrare - aparate si materiale | systems and equipment for biological sludge and waste treatment

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    ELVETIA- Spreitenbach

    Furnizor de: membrane filters | Retratarea apei - material si instalatii

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  • Now in its third generation, family-owned FEZER enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide as a leading company in the field of vacuum and handling technology. We guarantee our high level of customer...

    Furnizor de: filtering membranes | Ridicare - materiale si accesorii | Macarale mobile | Dispozitive de ridicare | Pompe cu vid [+] vacuum valves | tippers | lifters | airtight components | grabs for cranes for goods lifting | lifting suction grips | suction cup | mechanical hands | gripper devices for robots | vacuum systems and components

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  • IT4IP S.A.
    BELGIA- Louvain-La-Neuve
    IT4IP S.A. - Verified by Europages

    At it4ip, we are a world leader in track-etching technology. This technology enables us to produce micro- and nano-porous polymer filters with multiple and varied applications, such as asbestos fibre...

    Furnizor de: polycarbonate membrane filter | polyester membrane filter | polyimide membrane filter | microfiltration membrane filter | nanofiltration membrane filter [+] track etched membrane filter | black polycarbonate membrane filter | black polyester pet membrane filter | track etched membrane filter for medical industry | track etched membrane filter for chemical industry | Filtrarea aerului - echipamente | Ecrane de protectie | oncology | diagnostic products | air monitoring

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    GERMANIA- Eppstein

    Furnizor de: filtering membranes | filters and filter elements | Flitre pentru lichide | Filtre pentru autoturisme, camioane, utilaje pentru constructii | liquid chemical filters

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    FRANTA- Castanet-Tolosan

    Furnizor de: filtering membranes | Masini-unelte - prelucrarea metalelor

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    SPANIA- Erandio-Vizcaya
    FLUYTEC - Verified by Europages

    ...cartridges, filtering baskets, wound polypropylene cartridges. Cartridge filters (PRFV, steel, PVC), self-cleaning filters, basket, profile, mesh, nozzle (polypropylene, metal) filters, ultrafiltration, membrane bioreactors.

    Furnizor de: filters | membrane bioreactors | filters and filter elements | Flitre pentru lichide | Filtrare - aparate si materiale [+] industrial filters | anthracite filter | header pipes | self-cleaning filters for water systems | industrial filtration | cartridge filters | self-cleaning filters | industrial filters | ultrafiltration

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  • ...process tanks, membrane housings, filter housings, heat exchangers and extruded pipe outlets, as well as customised products. Whether it's a matter of dead-space-free systems, surface...

    Furnizor de: membrane filter systems | pressure tubes for membranes | Schimbatoare de caldura | plant construction | cartridge filter housings [+] bag filter housings | container construction | longitudinal sight glass with dead-space-free seal | housings for gas processing | extruded pipe outlets | double-pipe heat exchangers | stainless steel pressure tanks | stainless steel fittings | housing for filter elements | stainless steel containers for mixing devices

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  • With almost 300 years of experience in filtration using filter presses, Aquachem can provide an efficient and optimum solution for a number of applications. Since 2000, we have been working hard to...

    Furnizor de: membrane pumps | filter cloths for chamber filters | filter cloths for filter presses | Filtrare - aparate si materiale | Pompe de dozare [+] Pompe | Flitre pentru lichide | filter-crushing presses | filters for the chemical industry | high-pressure pumps | plant construction | sewage pumps | design of equipment for clean-up | machine tool filters | cartridge filters for water treatment

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    GERMANIA- Köln
    ANDRITZ SEPARATION - Verified by Europages

    ANDRITZ Separation is the leading specialist in separation, and offers intelligent mechanical and thermal separation technologies and services for the chemical, environmental and food processing...

    Furnizor de: membrane filter presses | Filtrare - aparate si materiale | chamber filter presses | sludge dewatering centrifuges | centrifuges for the chemical industry [+] filter presses | drying conveyors | hyperbaric disc filters | centrifugal fruit and vegetable juicers | sludge dewatering installations | drying centrifuges | rotary vacuum filters | centrifuges for the food processing industry | centrifuges for the pharmaceutical industry | centrifuges for environmental technology

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  • Furnizor de: membrane filter presses | Tratarea apei - aparate si instalatii | Epurarea apelor - servicii | biological water treatment plants | chemical products for water treatment

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  • Furnizor de: membrane filter presses | Filtrare - aparate si materiale | chamber filter presses | plate filters | filter-presses

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  • Furnizor de: membrane filter presses | Filtrare - aparate si materiale

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    Furnizor de: membrane filter presses | Flitre pentru lichide | sheets for filters | chamber filter presses

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  • Furnizor de: Filtrare - aparate si materiale

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    POLONIA- Secemin

    Furnizor de: membrane filter presses | Epurarea apelor - servicii | chamber filter presses

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  • Furnizor de: membrane filter presses | Filtrare chimica | air cleaning filter installation

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    GERMANIA- Göttingen
    GEBR. RETTBERG GMBH - Verified by Europages

    It's great that you're here to find out about our company. With our employees' expertise and more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of glass apparatus, we represent proven quality,...

    Furnizor de: Sticla dubla pentru laboratoare si de uz tehnic | Pompe cu vid | Mobilier pentru laboratoare | Sticla suflata | liquid pumps [+] microscopes | spectroscopes | dropper | laboratory scales | apparatus for pharmaceutical laboratories | electronic pipettes | hollow glass | glass sundries for laboratories | glass accessories for laboratories | distillation units

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  • ... We focus on R & D, manufacturing of different filter media, including air, water, drinking water filtration and supply to filtration of industries of cement, coal fire power plant, coating, pharmacy, etc, our products are...

    Furnizor de: reverse osmosis membrane | Panza netesuta | Geotextile | Rulouri bitumate pentru acoperis | Asanarea apelor [+] Materiale de constructii | Textile tehnice industriale | Fetru | Tesaturi | Tesaturi artificiale si sintetice | Hidrofuge - produse | air pollution control | anti-bacterial materials | polyester nonwoven fabrics | polyester spunbonded nonwovens

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    ITALIA- Casalmaiocco

    Furnizor de: Compresoare cu membrane | Compresoare | Compresoare cu piston si surub

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  • Furnizor de: filters and filter elements | Filtrarea aerului - echipamente | air filtration system

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