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    Lupeg GmbH is a competent partner in the field of central lubrication and metering systems. We not only offer individual parts, but can also design entire systems. We can even install and commission these systems if desired. Thorough consulting in advance ensures that the solutions we offer meet our customers' requirements in full. Over the past few years, we have gradually added more product areas to our portfolio. Since then, the product range has been expanded to include rail lubrication systems, quick-fill systems and expander bolts. The company has also been active in the metering systems sector for some time now. This sector has since developed into an important mainstay for the company and is continuing to grow.



    Since its foundation in 1961, Jokisch GmbH has become one of the top names for technical chemical products and their use in the metalworking industry. Our products include: Drilling oils, brake cleaner sprays, thread cutting oils, skin protection products, cooling lubricants, lapping compounds, lubricant refills on contract, private label chemistry products, lubricants for metalworking, cutting oils, cutting oil sprays and specialist lubricants for minimum quantity cooling lubrication systems.



    SPECIALIST IN LUBRICANTS – Made in Germany quality. Lubricants reduce friction, ensuring that force produces maximum motion. They help ensure that vehicle engines, equipment and machines enjoy a long service life. With a wide range of products, we provide you with comprehensive solutions for lubrication requirements and unconditional reliability. Our mission is to provide innovative lubricant solutions for a sustainable future and to keep the world moving. Even after our lubricants have been applied, we provide a first-rate service: for empty plastic Tipp oil containers from 1 L to 20 L, use our “Rebottle” deposit system. We think organic, we clean organic, … with effective micro-organsims – think Green! Our new, sustainable range of organic cleaning products uses effective micro-organisms for professional applications. Our goal is to provide an integrated cleaning concept and ensure sustainable interaction with the environment. Thanks to our solutions, the use of traditional cleaning agents is reduced to an absolutes minimum, thereby making an active contribution to water pollution control and environmental protection! The use of effective micro-organisms, without the addition of any artificial or chemical substances. The philosophy of Tipp oil organic preparations is based entirely on the use of cleaning processes as they occur in nature.



    We are Hermann Bantleon GmbH – the lubricant specialist from Ulm. A medium-sized company with around 250 employees. We advise our customers on site and create customised concepts. Our range covers the entire process chain of the metal processing industry – from machining the workpiece to cleaning and packaging. We support plant and machine manufacturers in the automotive sector right from the design phase. Sustainability is our corporate goal. That is why we do our own research and develop long-lasting products. In addition, we participate in various projects, such as bee conservation or CO2 compensation through reforestation. Employees, customers and business partners can acquire new knowledge in the BANTLEON FORUM. We assume social and communal responsibility. For example, we support social institutions and events in the areas of health, culture and sports.



    We are a long-established company founded in Staubing in south eastern Germany in 1930 with roots in the coal and mineral oil trades. After a 40-year partnership with Shell, we became a brand partner of Aral in 2009 and have been an "authorised distributor of Castrol" since 2016, as well as a premium partner of Quaker Houghton since 2019. Our customers include well-known companies and corporations from every sector, including the automotive and metalwork industries. The events on the global markets now demand maximum agility and dynamism – from product innovation and quality management to customer support. As an established energy supplier, Diermeier enjoys a significant advantage in this regard – we're "full of energy". We can guarantee consistent market orientation, optimal product quality and comprehensive services and consulting. And, needless to say, we also give you the certainty that our products, applications and services will also meet the requirements of tomorrow.

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    High performance lubricants, additives, brake fluids, cooling lubricants. Made in Germany. Germany is the country of automotive engineering. The very first automobiles were invented in Germany. Visionaries and tinkerers had ideas of bringing self-driving automobiles to the streets. The dream became reality. AS Perfomance engine oils and lubricants are at home on the roads and racetracks. State-of-the-art engineering for the latest technology. Being mobile and independent has always been everyone’s dream. However, the latest engine technology also requires state-of-the-art lubricant technologies. Powerful, technically sophisticated, on synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral basic technology. Minimal friction, maximum lubricating film thickness and the highest possible engine and gearbox reliability make AS Perfomance lubricants the number one choice. We are always passionate about improving the performance of our products.



    For over 40 years, THIELMANN GRAPHITE GmbH & Co. KG has been selling graphites and graphite products, with the main emphasis on natural graphites. In 1982, the company moved into the premises of Becker-Pennrich KG, which has also been working with graphite for more than 40 years, with the main emphasis on processing synthetic graphites. As early as 1995, the quality management system was certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 by DQS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zertifizierung von Qualitätsmanagementsystemen mbH) [German Association for Certification of Quality Management Systems Ltd]. To meet the exacting demands on the quality of the graphites that we supply, our own testing laboratory has numerous facilities for verifying quality as part of incoming and outgoing goods inspection. Our own grinding and sieving facilities enable us to respond flexibly to user requirements.



    OPET Lubricants since its foundation in 1966 with the name ROM, had always been an adaptive company and evolved to its current structure after the acquisitions by Opet Petrolcülük A.Ş. in 1996, one of the most important oil and gas distribution company, and KOÇ Holding in 2002, the only Fortune 500 company from Turkey. Koç Holding incorporates industrial giants such as Tüpraş, Ford Otosan, Tofaş-Fiat and Arçelik-Beko. Globally active in many industries, Koç Holding is Turkey's biggest exporter by achieving 10% of the total exports and %43 of total automotive industry export on its own. Opet Petrolcülük A.Ş. that has become one of the most steadily growing oil company in the last decade is engaged in retail sales, commercial and industrial fuels, lubricants, storage, and international trade. Increasing its market share and network of stations each day, Opet Petrolcülük has an extensive distribution network of 1, 615 stations together with Opet and Sunpet. OEM Collaborations: Opet Lubricants offers solutions for all needs of leading automotive manufacturers and also ranks as one of the most effective solution partner for the original equipment manufacturers such as Ford Otosan, Case &New Holland, Fiat and Otokar by offering first-fill and after-sales lubricants. Opet Lubricants also produces genuine lubricants such as FMY for Ford Otosan, Agromega, Megatran and Agrofriz for Case &New Holland, Spectra for Otokar and Opar Olio for Fiat, all to be sold as spare parts.



    Silitech AG has been successfully distributing special chemical-technical products and accessories from leading manufacturers worldwide for over 20 years. Thanks to our cooperation with successful and innovative suppliers and partner companies, as well as our high flexibility and lean processes, we can offer you a wide range of high-performance products at attractive prices. The products we sell meet the highest industrial quality standards and are used successfully worldwide. In addition to large-scale industry, we also serve SMEs, the arts and crafts sector and private individuals. As your competent problem solver, personalised advice and a fast delivery service from stock are a matter of course for us. Through continuous training and intensive exchange with our suppliers, we can also help you with demanding applications.



    Your partner for quality and service. Mabanol's broad range of lubricants and asphalt attends to the needs of national and international trade partners and users from a variety of industry segments. Your requirements for all matters relating to lubricants should always be high. Mabanol is the independent brand of the medium-sized German lubricant trade. Our wide variety of lubricant products guarantee precision and reliability. And that applies to automotive and industrial uses. Trust is the foundation of every business relationship. Choosing Mabanol guarantees that you have the right partner at your side. Our technical expertise, independent thinking, reliability and flexibility make us stand out. You can rely on consistently high quality, expert consulting services and a comprehensive service, now and in future.



    Chem-Trend is the most proven partner in the world for release agents, purging compounds, and other related process chemical specialties. Using a customer-centric approach combined with deep research and development, Chem-Trend is dedicated to providing expertise and innovative solutions to improve product quality, production efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainability for its customers now and well into the future. Chem-Trend offers a globally integrated network of experienced, knowledgeable, and insightful production and technical experts, with leading-edge research and development facilities supporting myriad industries and needs. Chem-Trend serves customers through offices in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe and is part of the Freudenberg Group. We are specialised on the development, manufacturing and marketing of: Mould Release Agents Purge Compounds Mould Maintenance Products (Cleaners and Degreasers, Lubricantes, Mould Protectants, Anti-Corrosion Agents) Hydraulic Fluids Plunger Lubricants Moulding of composites Die casting Friction Moulding of Polyurethane (PU Foam) Moulding of Rubber Moulding of Thermoplastics Tyre Paints (Release Agents) for Tyre Manufacturing Tyre Paints (Release Agents) for Tyre Retreading Mould Maintenance Release Agents for Wood-Composites



    The foundation stone for our medium-sized family company was laid down by our two founding company directors Manfred and Thomas Eckardt. In 2002, we celebrated our company's anniversary; 25 years of standing for reliability, good service, continuity and growth. In mid 2001, our Company Director Manfred Eckardt died. Shortly afterwards his son Thomas Eckardt unexpectedly also died, upon which our management changed in mid 2002. Mrs. Beate Eckardt was the new Managing Director of the company from then on (March 2002 until May 2005). Since 1st June 2005, Mr. Axel Eckardt has been the Managing Director of the company. Eckardt & Sohn GmbH and will continue to run the company as before. Eckardt & Sohn operates locally as well as globally. The broad range of our services and our many years of experience mean we can satisfy any customer's specific requests.



    Lubrication technology from the experts – for optimum efficiency As an experienced spray nozzle manufacturer and specialist in minimum quantity lubrication systems, HIESSL Schmiertechnik GmbH is your expert partner for effective industry solutions. We provide modern technology, tailored to meet your specific requirements, for economically liquid application. Our high-quality products can be used in a variety of sectors, from metal machining to mechanical engineering and the foodstuff industry. The range includes block nozzles, coaxial spraying nozzles and other spraying technology, all based on the latest cutting-edge research.



    Less is more – that is the motto with which Paca GmbH first started business over 30 years ago. And that was with a single product: Super Lube. Today, we manufacture not only lubricants, but special cleaning and maintenance products too, preferably under our customers' labels. Our in-house creative team can create designs using your specifications or completely from scratch. Naturally, our products are not free, but thanks to some of our clever ideas we are able to create cost neutrality and in most cases even some additional profit. Our range of products is now even clearer than before. This is partly due to the strict standards we set when approving a product for release: Cost reduction potential, rapid processing and high margins for our customers. It is also partly because maximising the value of our products for customers requires an expert, reliable service.



    BESER CHEMICALS is a specialty chemicals producer serving a variety industrial fields for lubricants & metalworking fluids, specialty emulsifier packages, starch glue rheology modifiers, automotive chemicals, mineral oil and silicon oil emulsifiers, silicon and non silicon and mineral oil defoamers, oleochemicals, textile processing oils and additives, wood antisapstain, OAT and IAT corrosion inhibitors for coolants and heat transfer fluids, hydraulic brake fluids, antiwear additives, specialty and commodity esters. BESER CHEMICALS develops tailor made customer chemical products and solutions. We are especially very specialized in the following products; -Soluble mineral oil emulsifier package, -Blend oil & Coning oil emulsifier package, -Cotton picker solvent emulsifier package, -Knitting oil emulsifier package, -Corrosion inhibitors for antifreeze and industrial coolants -Dot 3 and dot 4 hydraulic brake fluid corrosion inhibitor package -Semisynthetic metalworking fluids for multimetal machining -Defoamers & Antifoamers for a variety of industrial applications -Wood antisapstain treatment chemicals Do not hesitate to contact us!



    In 1956, Süddeutsche Bardahl began providing innovative high-performance lubricants, oil additives and fuel additives primarily to the automotive sector. This laid the foundation for the company we are today: Chemie-Technik GmbH. Since the focus of our products moved towards technically advanced, output-boosting lubrications for industry and trade in the 1970s, our products have been sold under the brand name of ELKALUB. To this day Chemie-Technik GmbH is still run by the founding family – now in its third generation. Development, production and sales management are all taken care of by a 30-strong team at our Vöhringen/Württemberg site, while sales operations and customer services are delivered locally via a global network of partially independent agencies.



    microjet® GmbH has been developing and manufacturing microjet® minimum-consumption lubrication systems since 1989. We are considered to be pioneers in that field owing to the engineering of the two-chamber mixing nozzle that allows for fogless spraying. Our strengths lie in customer-specific manufacturing. Minimum-consumption lubrication systems are used in various sectors of industry. Our decades of experience ensure that we can offer you sound solutions for any task in this area. Each application is different, each system varies. Today, microjet® GmbH delivers its systems worldwide.



    SynTherm is a supplier of innovative technical solutions in the field of energy saving and maintenance improvement, for industry, power generation, shipping and offshore.SynTherm is an agent and distributor of renowned manufacturers of the following products: GEM orifice venturi steam traps without moving parts, saving on energy and maintenance, 10 years performance guarantee; Wrap Seal quick repair products for pipe leakages; Tom-Pac sealing compound the replacement for braided packing and mechanical seals in pumps, agitators and mixers, zero leakage, no cooling water, on-line maintenance; GO Switch magnetic limit switches and position sensors for the most demanding plant conditions such as hot (204°C) cold (-40°C), wet, dirty, abusive, corrosive and for explosive environments, no power to operate; TopWorx / Emerson discrete valve controllers and valve position indicators.


    Regatul Unit

    Compania LUBCON LUBRICANTS UK LTD, este o societate Fabricant/ producator, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Lubrifianti industriali. De asemenea, activează în aceeași măsură și în domeniile Grasimi industriale, și Grasimi industriale. Are sediul în Polegate, Regatul Unit.



    Compania DUTCH PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS VOF, este o societate Vanzator en-gros, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Lubrifianti industriali. De asemenea, activează în aceeași măsură și în domeniile Lubrifiant pentru automobile, Grasimi industriale, car cleaning product, chain lubricants, high temperature lubricants, lubricant for diesel engines, Lubricants for the automobile industry, speciality lubricants, și Lubrifiant pentru automobile. Are sediul în Siddeburen, Olanda.



    Compania CARMANT - EUROP OIL, este o societate Distributie, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Lubrifianti industriali. Are sediul în Huy, Belgia.



    Compania INTEGRA, este o societate Fabricant/ producator, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Transmisii mecanice si componente. De asemenea, activează în aceeași măsură și în domeniile Lubrifianti industriali, Pinioane, Mecanica fina, Lubrifianti industriali, Pinioane, și Mecanica fina. Are sediul în Le-Val-Saint-Germain, Franta.



    Compania BREMER & LEGUIL GMBH, este o societate Fabricant/ producator, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Lubrifianti industriali. Are sediul în Duisburg, Germania.



    Compania COMPAGNIA ITALIANA LUBRIFICANTI SPA, este o societate Fabricant/ producator, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Lubrifianti industriali. De asemenea, activează în aceeași măsură și în domeniile lubricants, lubricants for the nautical sector, VANGUARD, lubricant for motor vehicles, lubricants for earth-moving machines, lubricant for motorcycles, spray lubricants, differential and gear box lubricant, și special applications. Are sediul în Milano, Italia.



    Compania RVN GROUP SRL, este o societate Vanzator en-gros, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Lubrifiant pentru automobile. De asemenea, activează în aceeași măsură și în domeniile Lubrifianti industriali, Uleiuri industriale, petrol car lubricant, lubricant for motorcycles, Lubrifianti industriali, turbo diesel car lubricant, Uleiuri industriale, mechanical transmission lubricant, și lubricants. Are sediul în San Giorgio Di Piano, Italia.



    Compania DN-GRUPPE GMBH, este o societate Prestatar de servicii, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Lubrifianti industriali. Are sediul în Wurzen, Germania.



    Compania CG CHEMIKALIENGESELLSCHAFT MBH & CO. HOLDING KG, este o societate Prestatar de servicii, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Lubrifianti industriali. Are sediul în Laatzen, Germania.

  8. G.L.P. SRL


    Compania G.L.P. SRL, este o societate Prestatar de servicii, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Cupru si aliaje de cupru. De asemenea, activează în aceeași măsură și în domeniile Orfevrarie - utilaje si materiale, Lubrifianti industriali, Orfevrarie - utilaje si materiale, și Lubrifianti industriali. Are sediul în Arezzo, Italia.



    Compania SILICONI COMMERCIALE SPA, este o societate Fabricant/ producator, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Siliconi. De asemenea, activează în aceeași măsură și în domeniile Anticorozive - produse chimice, Lubrifianti industriali, silicone, silicone-based softener, Anticorozive - produse chimice, micro-mechanics for industry, Lubrifianti industriali, waterproofing products, și silicone spray. Are sediul în Gambellara, Italia.



    Compania KISCO (DEUTSCHLAND) GMBH, este o societate Fabricant/ producator, care își desfășoară activitatea în domeniul Lubrifianti industriali. De asemenea, activează în aceeași măsură și în domeniile Biotehnologii, Wholesale, Japan, Chemical products, Electronic materials, Functional polymers, Table tennis rubber, vegetable oils, și Vegetable proteins. Are sediul în Garching Bei München, Germania.

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