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    BELGIA- Brussels
    VISU HEALTH - Verified by Europages

    VISU HEALTH is specialised in the distribution of medical equipment. To deal with the current health situation and to protect you, we provide surgical masks, gowns, visors, hand sanitiser and other...

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Materiale medicale | Articole de unica folosinta pentru chirurgie | Masti de protectie | disposable face masks [+] protective goggles and visors | disposable shirts | medical gown | hand disinfectant | healthcare articles | medical articles | disposable medical articles | infrared ray thermometers | protective gloves | latex gloves

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    FRANTA- Aubervilliers
    PHARMA EXPRESS - Verified by Europages

    ...COVID-19 test kits. We also provide contactless hand gel dispensers. We are in contact with numerous suppliers across Asia and in France, enabling us to apply competitive pricing with optimised, safe...

    Furnizor de: hand gel | hand gel dispenser | contactless hand gel dispenser | Masti de protectie | Materiale medicale [+] masks | medical-sanitary articles | disposable medical articles | disposable gloves | disposable face masks | medical gloves | disposable medical gloves | vinyl gloves | protective gloves | disposable shirts

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    FRANTA- Nantes
    LABORATOIRE TRIDYN' - Verified by Europages

    French Research & Development laboratory specialised in the hygiene and beauty sector, our brand of biocides: WeKare, represents purity & its fulfilment, promises to provide you care and protection...

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Produse de igiena si de toaleta | hydroalcoholic compounds | hand disinfectant | contactless automatic dispensers [+] biocide products for hand cleansing | hydro-alcoholic gel | hydro-alcoholic solution | anti-septic for hands | automatic hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser | contactless hand-sanitizer dispenser | hydro-alcoholic sprays | disinfectant sprays | biocidal products | disinfectant hand-sprays

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    MEDI GLOBE - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Masti de protectie | Manusi | non-medical disinfectants | disinfectants [+] disinfectants | hand disinfectant | protective suits | protective goggles and visors | protective gloves | nitrile gloves | disposable gloves | latex gloves | disposable medical gloves | cleanroom wiper

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    TURCIA- Esenyurt/istanbul
    NEVA GLOBAL GRUP - Verified by Europages

    Neva Global is a part of KYNC  group.​ Neva is your resource for a wide range of Turkish-made, high-quality, competitively priced, private label consumer products. Neva is one of Turkey’s most...

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Produse de curatare si de intretinere de uz casnic | Masti de protectie | sanitisers | hydro-alcohol solution [+] liquid hand soap | liquid soaps | antibacterial products | antibacterial wipes | dishwasher detergents | wipes | cleanroom wiper | toilet products | masks for hospital use | masks

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    FRANTA- Paris
    BRANDED GROUP - Verified by Europages

    Ertan Clinique, a Branded Group company based in Paris, specializes in manufacturing medical equipment and hand sanitizer in particular. We supply it in various formats, from 100 ml to 5 L. In...

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Materiale medicale | Masti de protectie | hand disinfectant | antibacterial wipes [+] disposable face masks | visors | medical gloves | disposable medical gloves | protective gloves | nitrile gloves | vinyl gloves | latex gloves | disinfectants for medical use | medical gown

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    FRANTA- Paris
    KLEENPHARM - Verified by Europages

    KLEENPHARM is a leader in hygiene and the fight against microbes with the design, manufacture and sales of anti-microbial products, biocides and hand sanitiser which respect both People and the...

    Furnizor de: hand gel | individual hand gel | disinfecting hand gel | antibacterial gel | Igiena si frumusete - articole [+] antibacterial wipes | cleanroom wiper | hydroalcoholic compounds | manufacture of hygiene-related products | biocide products for hand cleansing | industrial hygiene | hand sanitiser | disinfectant multi-surface wipes | office hand sanitiser | travel format hand sanitiser

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    FRANTA- Epinay Sous Senart
    XTREME SMART - Verified by Europages

    ...virucidal wipes, and hand sanitizer gels (all formats), etc. We hold significant stocks so that we can make available different protection solutions to combat viruses. Our products are...

    Furnizor de: hand gel | hand gel | hand sanitizer gels | anti-bacterial hand gels | disinfectant gel [+] Masti de protectie | masks | masks for hospital use | disposable face masks | ffp2 masks | ffp2 face masks | single-use masks | anti-droplet face masks | protective respiratory mask | disposable anti-droplet face masks

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    TURCIA- Tekirdag
    IYONCHEM - Verified by Europages

    ...applied anywhere where water is not close at hand, no need to rinse and dry hands. Severak different sizes available, from 50 ml to 5000 ml and in bottles, pump bottles, sprays and drums. Our additional...

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Dezinfectante nemedicale | hydroalcoholic compounds | personal care and hygiene products | fabrication of hygiene-related products [+] biocide hand products | hand disinfectant | disinfectants | hand sanitiser | hydro-alcoholic solution | disinfectants for personal hygiene | bottled hand sanitiser | hand sanitiser in pump bottle | hydro-alcoholic solution in pump bottle | hydro-alcoholic solution in drum

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    TURCIA- Istanbul

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Dezinfectante nemedicale | disinfectants | antibacterial products

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    REGATUL UNIT- Gosport

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Produse de ingrijire a pielii | sanitisers | personal care and beauty articles and products

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    FRANTA- La Ciotat

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Cosmetice | massage oils | hand and foot creams | body creams

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    SPANIA- Las Palmas De Gran Canaria

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Servetele igienice | protective work masks | items for pharmacies | hospital and medical laboratory equipment and supplies

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    BELGIA- Marcinelle

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Haine de lucru si protectie | Masti de protectie | disposable gloves | disposable face masks

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    FRANTA- Aubervilliers

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Sterilizare si dezinfectie - materiale medicale | Import-export de material medico-chirurgical | antibacterial wipes | toilet products

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  • Furnizor de: hand gel | Import-export de material medico-chirurgical | Manusi | protective work masks

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  • Furnizor de: hand gel | Cosmetice | Produse de ingrijire a pielii | sanitization

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    FRANTA- Paris

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Farmacie - import-export | nitrile gloves | disposable gloves | surgical gloves

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  • Furnizor de: hand gel | Distribuitoare automate

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  • V8 GROUP
    SLOVACIA- Banská Bystrica

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Produse de igiena si de toaleta | sanitisers

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    FRANTA- Puimisson

    Furnizor de: hand gel | Dezinfectante nemedicale

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  • ...of hand sanitizer, industrial handwash gel, dispensers for gels and other products for combating Covid-19. Disinfectant handwash gel is characterised by its high alcohol content and fast...

    Furnizor de: Esente si arome nealimentare | Esente si arome pentru parfumerie | fragrances | environmental deodorants | car deodorant [+] essence diffusers for the home | air fresheners, household | cars - accessories | scents and essences - perfume | household deodorants | room fragrances

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    GERMANIA- Monheim Am Rhein
    PRO CARE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Your experienced partner for protective equipment against COVID-19! We'll quickly supply the protective equipment you require, be it face masks, coveralls or safety glasses! Pro Care GmbH is a...

    Furnizor de: hygiene hand gel | Masti de protectie | air purifiers | disposable shirts | disinfectants [+] protective gloves | respiratory protection clothing | respiratory masks | disposable face masks | single-use protective clothing | dust masks | rapid virus tests | occupational safety, workplace safety | ppe personal protection equipment | nitrile (latex-free) medical investigation gloves

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    BELGIA- Bissegem
    LABIS IMPORT EXPORT - Verified by Europages

    LABIS Import & Export is your wholesaler and specialist in christening, communion and wedding items, both imports and exports. We have a very wide and varied range of ribbons, small boxes, resin,...

    Furnizor de: Sarbatori - articole si decoratiuni | Jucarii din plus | Ambalare | baptism articles | wholesale gift items [+] decorations gifts | decorative basketwork | communion items | christening baskets | wedding articles | sugared almonds for weddings | new baby items | ribbon wholesaler | surgical masks

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    PACIFIC RIM MEDICAL - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Articole de unica folosinta pentru chirurgie | Termometre | Masti de protectie

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    FRANTA- Lille
    B2M MÉDICAL - Verified by Europages

    ...antibacterial gel, etc. We are on-hand to meet the ever-growing demand for disposable medical products. Our entire range satisfies European directives, as well as standards in force. Proud of...

    Furnizor de: Haine de lucru si protectie | medical utensils | medical articles | disposable medical gloves | disposable suits [+] protective work masks | masks | disposable gloves | disposable face masks | medical equipment | disinfectants for medical use | disposable medical articles | protective gloves | medical gloves | gloves for medical examinations

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