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  • Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the Lapp Group is a leading supplier of integrated solutions and branded products in the field of cable and connection technology. The Group’s portfolio includes... Furnizor de: extension cables | Cabluri electrice | high voltage power cable | data transmission cables | jack outlets [+] cable protection sheaths | optical fibre cables | cable sheaths | telephone cables | data cable | control cable | bus cables | patch cable | cable glands | cable protector
    GERMANIA - Stuttgart
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  • ...We employ engineers and technicians with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of custom-made products. Our company philosophy is: "To be your partner and not just your supplier". It is... Furnizor de: Incalzire industriala - instalatii si material | Senzor pirometric | heater cables, thermoresistors | thermocouple lines | wireless temperature sensors [+] temperature measurement | signal cable | coaxial cables | special cables | temperature mesurement and control | evaporators | mineral-insulated thermocouples | mineral-insulated resistance thermometers | heating for vacuum systems | heating wires
    GERMANIA - Kahl
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  • Micro-Epsilon plays a leading role in measurement technology and offers the broadest range of sensors, measurement systems and inspection systems for geometrical quantities in Europe. Since 1968, for... Furnizor de: Masura - aparate si instrumente | Masurarea si reglarea temperaturii - aparate si instrumente | Masurarea pozitiei si a distantei - aparate si instrumente | colour analysers and sensors | laser meters [+] profile measuring instruments | capacity sensors (cts) | pyrometers | industrial endoscopes | infrared ray thermometers | thermal cameras | optical micrometers | optical sensors | diameter measurement sensors | infrared probes
    GERMANIA - Ortenburg
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  • For over 15 years, GEFESD has been Russia's market leading manufacturer of industrial furnishings. GEFESD workbenches are available in both traditional industrial and anti-static versions. Our... Furnizor de: Mobilier din metal | Mobilier pentru laboratoare | Mese de lucru | metal benches | work table [+] metal shelves for archives | metal shelving | furniture for industry | furnishings for industry | industrial tables | workstations for electronic engineers | tables for repair centres | electrical engineering workstations | workshop fitting | esd furnishings
    RUSIA - Baraki
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  • MOSKABEL-FUJIKURA (JSC MKF) was founded by CJCS MOSKABELMET jointly with FUJIKURA Ltd 9thof September 1999. JSC MKF specializes in production of optical cables for backbone optical networks,... Furnizor de: Cabluri si retele | Cabluri si fire electrice si telefonice | Conducte pentru cabluri | data transmission networks | systems and equipment for transmission via ether and cable [+] optical fibre cables | optical cables | multifibre optical cables | data transmission cables | flame retardant optical cable | optic fiber cables | fiber optic cables manufacturing | optical cables manufacturer | fire retardant optical cable | adss
    RUSIA - Moscow
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  • Our mission, at Teledyne ICM, is to facilitate professionals’ life by providing innovative, user-friendly, and safe x-ray solutions, while accompanying them throughout the use of our products. For... Furnizor de: Radiologie industriala - materiale | Testarea produselor si a materialelor | digital radiography | ndt | welding inspection [+] eod | x-ray machine | industrial x-ray | manufacturer of x-ray equipment for industry | x-ray inspection systems for non-destructive material tests | x-ray generators for non-destructive material testing | x-ray for security | x-ray detectors | x-ray scanner
    BELGIA - Andrimont
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  • ...GM, Ford and many others. Besides automotive, we extensive supply for medical applications like plunger seals for syringes, medical tubing, medical stopper and others. Please visit our website to learn more... Furnizor de: Materiale stratificate din plastic | thermoplastics | thermoplastic materials | thermoplastic compounds | thermoplastic elastomers [+] elastomers | thermoplastic roofing | composite sheets for thermoformed parts | composite sheets for thermoformed components | thermoplastic elastomer compounds | thermoplastic vulcanizates compounds | thermoplastic olefins compounds | manufacturing of thermoplastic elastomer compounds | manufacturing of laminates
    INDIA - Pune
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  • Furnizor de: Materiale plastice - produse intermediare | Filme si folii de material plastic | Tapet
    REPUBLICA CEHA - Napajedla
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  • Furnizor de: Masura - aparate si instrumente
    GERMANIA - Frankfurt
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  • Furnizor de: extension leads | cables | Componente electronice | equipment for electricity distribution | led exterior lights
    GERMANIA - Eutingen Im Gäu
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