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    GERMANIA- Bielefeld
    NOBLE SILVER - Verified by Europages

    We are DEMAN Europe, a Germany-based company that acts as your contact for the whole of Europe. Our Bielefeld site is a central location in the middle of eastern Westphalia. Spare parts, mechanical...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Masti de protectie | Articole de unica folosinta pentru chirurgie | Rulmenti cu bile | Sticla [+] Roti dintate | Compresoare | Izolatie fonica - materiale | Pompe de racire si lubrifiere | Suruburi | spare parts | mechanical finishing work | injection moulding | toothed belts | drive belt pulleys

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    ELVETIA- Altendorf
    AKIM AG GETRIEBETECHNIK - Verified by Europages

    Our success is based on our established specialist knowledge, our extremely extensive experience and our outstanding commitment. Your specialist in drive technology. We have been developing,...

    Furnizor de: Gears | epicyclic reduction gears | worm reduction gears | Motoreductoare | Elemente de transmisie [+] Antideflagrant - material | epicycloidal gear reducers | machine building | decanters | transmission gears | elevator gear units | crown wheels for transmissions | worm gears for transmissions | assemblies for mechanical engineering | decanter centrifuges

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    GERMANIA- Überlingen

    Allweier has been active for over 50 years as a subcontractor and system supplier for customers from various industries. Our key skills at Allweier Präzisionsteile GmbH include CNC turning, milling...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Strunjirea otelurilor si a metalelor | cnc turned parts | round grinding | module assembly [+] cnc milled parts | cnc precision parts | cnc cylindrical grinding | precision turned parts | precision milled parts | metal precision parts | drive technology | wheel hub transmission | wheel hub drive | textile machinery gearboxes

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    GERMANIA- Überlingen
    ASG ALLWEIER SYSTEME GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Since 1970, the name Allweier has been a byword for high-quality system components, turned and milled parts, as well as gearbox technology, in the high-tech Lake Constance region. Since 2002,...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | gears | Oteluri si metale - prelucrare | servoactuators | cnc processing [+] cnc boring | cnc milling | c.n.c milling | nc grinding | plant construction | automotive | transmissions | module assembly | wheel hub drives | special gearboxes

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  • Ehgartner offers you everything from precision gears, spiral bevel gears, gearboxes and drives, gear wheels, worm wheels, splined shafts, welded constructions to repairs from a single source. Our...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Roti dintate | mechanical drives | nc grinding | metalworking [+] transmission gears | cone drive | machine building | cnc turned parts | c.n.c milling | cnc boring | high-precision gears | prototype construction | specialised mechanical engineering | precision turned parts

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    GERMANIA- Hattingen
    DÜSTERLOH FLUIDTECHNIK GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Düsterloh has been developing, producing and selling hydraulic and pneumatic motors for more than 100 years. Customers form the world over value the absolute reliability of the radial, axial and...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Masini-unelte - prelucrarea metalelor | Instalatii pneumatice | Instalatii hidraulice | Motoreductoare [+] compressed-air motors | hydraulic units | hydraulic adjustment motors | encoders | depressurisation valves | locking sets | oil check | pneumatic accessories | ball valves | cylindrical gears

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  • Production and Technical Center Privod is one of the leading manufacturers of gear reducers in Russia founded in 2002. The leading activity of PTC Privod LLC is production and sale of products: -...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | worm reduction gears | reduction units | manufacture and repair of speed reduction units | Reductori hidraulici [+] Transmisii mecanice si componente | Motoreductoare | Multiplicatoare de viteza | special reducers | spare parts | coaxial reducers | original replacements | mechanical reducer | gear motors | actuators

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    ITALIA- Calderara Di Reno
    GI.FA. TRASMISSIONI - Verified by Europages

    Gi.fa. Trasmissioni markets a vast range of products delivered throughout Italy and Europe: electric motors (asynchronous three phase motors; self-braking three-phase asynchronous motors; motors with...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | reduced play epicyclic gears | Variatoare si reductoare de viteza | Motoare electrice - curent alternativ | Motoare electrice si piese [+] Motoreductoare | electric motors | asynchronous electric motors | worm gear motor reducers | three-phase induction motors | self-braking electric motors | self-braking three-phase induction motors | brushless motors | flameproof motors | geared motors

    Marci : NORD

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    GERMANIA- Mühlheim An Der Ruhr
    RUHRGETRIEBE KG - Verified by Europages

    We have been manufacturing worm gears and worm geared motors that are utilised in almost all industrial sectors for nearly 65 years. Thanks to concentrating on this product area and long standing...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | worm reduction gears | Transmisii mecanice si componente | engines | transmission gears [+] frequency regulators | alternating current motors | hollow shaft gear units | permanent magnet motors | electric drive motors

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  • Founded in 1966, Rollstar became the first manufacturer to supply both hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes in 1968. This resulted in the emergence of the hydraulic gear motor concept. Since that...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Motoreductoare | Frane hidraulice | cylindrical gears | hydraulic motors [+] epicycloidal gear reducers | transmission gears | motors and starting | crown wheels for transmissions | transmission engines | industrial reducers | axial piston motors | brake plates | hydraulic motors | special gearboxes

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  • Founded in September 2008, SigGear employs a group of highly qualified technical staff in gear and transmission production, a range of automated high-precision machining systems and key expertise in...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | worm reduction gears | Transmisii mecanice si componente | Roti dintate | Amortizoare pentru vehicule [+] epicycloidal gear reducers | racks | electric motors | helical bevel gears | mechanical shock-absorbers for vehicles | shaker machine pads | transmission engines | drive technology | planetary worm gearboxes | rack-and-pinion drives

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    GERMANIA- Eisenbach
    FRAMO MORAT GMBH & CO. KG - Verified by Europages

    Since the founding of Franz Morat GmbH in 1912, gear and drive engineering has been in a continuous state of development at the company’s headquarters in Eisenbach. With subsidiaries in the United...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Roti dintate | cylinder gears | transmissions | slip-on gear motors [+] spindle actuators | bevel-gear planetary drives | worm wheel sets | push chains

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  • We supply DC motors with outputs of 2.5 W and higher Kählig Antriebstechnik GmbH specializes in brushed and brushless DC motors from 2.5 watts upwards and has established itself meanwhile as one of...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | worm reduction gears | Motoare electrice - curent continuu | Motoreductoare | brushless motors [+] transmission gears | cylindrical gears | epicycloidal gear reducers | direct current brush-type motors | dc electric motors | crown wheels for transmissions | bespoke geared motors | automated door and window systems

    Marci : Kählig Antriebstechnik GmbH

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  • A solution that takes you further. That is the drive system from spn. Customized drive solutions from SPN ensure that mechanical energy gets to where it is needed precisely and reliably all over the...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | worm reduction gears | gears | Motoreductoare | racks [+] cylinder gears | cone drive | wheel pinions | servoactuators | mechatronics

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    ITALIA- Verderio
    MICRO - MOTORS SRL - Verified by Europages

    Micro Motors designs and manufactures small size gear motors and high power epicycloidal gear motors. Our technical, manufacturing, administrative and sales staff is structured according to the most...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Motoreductoare | Reductoare de viteza | geared motors with fractional power | direct current gear motors [+] dc gear motors | planetary gear motors | gear motors | design of gear motors | production of gear motors

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    GERMANIA- Kippenheim
    NEUGART GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Neugart is a family-owned company among gearbox manufacturers. Founded in 1928, Neugart remains in family hands, now in the fourth generation. Neugart develops, produces and sells planetary gearboxes...

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Transmisii mecanice si componente | transmission gears | industrial reducers | right angle gearbox [+] special gearboxes | coaxial reducers | multi-stage gearboxes | hypoid gears | conical gears | right-angle planetary gear trains | precision gearboxes | hollow shaft gear units

    Marci : Neugart

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  • Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Ambreiaje | industrial reducers

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    ELVETIA- Sachseln

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Motoare electrice si piese | Ceramica - produse pentru industrie | Pilot automat - echipament | torque limiters

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  • Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Motoreductoare | drives | frequency regulators | industrial reducers

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  • L.I.P.
    ITALIA- Corsico

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Motoreductoare

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    ITALIA- Valsamoggia

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Motoreductoare | coaxial reducers | speed reducers | speed variators for transmissions

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    ITALIA- Modena

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Reductoare de viteza | Motoreductoare | speed variators for transmissions | precision reducers

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  • Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Pinioane | racks | accessories and spare parts

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    ITALIA- Schio (Vi)

    Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | Variatoare si reductoare de viteza | Reductoare de viteza | orthogonal reducers | special reducers

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  • Furnizor de: epicyclic reduction gears | worm reduction gears | Masini-unelte pentru modelarea metalelor | Masini-unelte pentru ambutisare

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    GERMANIA- Berlin
    DB AUTOMOBILE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    As one of the few gear maintenance companies in Europe, we have made a name for ourselves as a specialist in all gear types and as a problem solver for exotic gear types. As the first...

    Furnizor de: worm reduction gears | differential gears | Automobile de turism | Cutii de viteze pentru vehicule | Elemente de transmisie [+] Ambreiaje | motor vehicle gearboxes and components | differential gears for cars | standard exchange gear boxes | speed variators for transmissions | switches for motor vehicles | components for the automobile industry | vehicle transmissions | geared motors | bevel gear reducers

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    GERMANIA- Ahlhorn
    SEVA-TEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    The products. The company's core products are geared motors, electric motors and frequency converters. These are stocked in large quantities in order to be able to offer them to our customers with...

    Furnizor de: gears | worm reduction gears | helical geared motor reduction units | Motoreductoare | self-braking engines [+] electric motors | frequency regulators | direct current motors | bevel gear reducers | epicycloidal gear reducers | cylindrical gears | overload cutouts | low voltage motors | transmissions | drives, electrical

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    ITALIA- Casalecchio Di Reno
    ITALGEAR SRL - Verified by Europages

    Italgear, a leading precision gear manufacturing company, operates from its 5000 m² premises. Our industrial group covers the whole production cycle for making ground and deburred cylindrical gears,...

    Furnizor de: Gears | gears | reduction units | Transmisii mecanice si componente | Transmisie mecanica - componente [+] Elemente de transmisie | curvic couplings | mechanical drives | transmission gearing | transmission shafts | gear drive shafts | precision shafts | bevel gear pairs for transmissions | cylinder gears | helicoidal gears

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    SPANIA- Olite

    Furnizor de: worm reduction gears | manufacture and repair of speed reduction units | Variatoare si reductoare de viteza | coaxial reducers | electric motors

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    FRANTA- Brumath

    Furnizor de: worm reduction gears | gears | Cricuri hidraulice

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