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    RUSIA- Moscow
    AGROCHIMINVEST, LLC - Verified by Europages

    "AgroChimInvest" LLC is one of the leading Russian companies specializing in growing, processing, refining and exporting of agricultural products such as coriander, mustard, flax (linen – plants),...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Productie agricola | In - plante | Oleaginoase | Alimentatie dietetica si biologica [+] Leguminoase | Plante, bulbi si seminte | Plante aromatice | natural flavours | flavoured condiments | flavourings for cooking | aromatic plants | broad beans | peas | chutney

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    GERMANIA- Bad Bentheim
    VEHGRO - Verified by Europages

    What is important to you about doing business with an organic wholesaler? A choice of small and large purchase quantities. Huge range of organic products. Online orders for a fair price. A partner...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | organic wholesale | bio wholesale | bio wholesale | natural foods importer [+] bulk natural foods | natural foods bulk | wholesale organic foodstuffs | bulk organic foodstuffs | organic herbs (bio) | organic spices | organic sweeteners | wholesale herbs | wholesale spices | wholesale sweeteners

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    GERMANIA- Geesthacht
    ENES GEWÜRZE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Wholesale of spices, herbs, spice mixtures and special items. ENES, founded in 1999, purchases its herbs and spices in the very countries where they are grown. The 1600 m² warehouse in Geesthacht...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | spices | condiments | pumpkin seeds | packaged pumpkin seeds [+] sunflower seed | packaged sunflower seeds | garlic | pepper | food industry | pine nuts | turmeric | carnations | cinnamon | spices for food

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    GERMANIA- Buxtehude
    BUXTRADE GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Buxtrade GmbH was founded in the summer of 2014 by two young men who wanted to set up a secondary enterprise alongside their everyday employment. In spring 2017, we moved into our new premises of...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | agar | flavourings | additives for the foodstuffs industry | amino-acids [+] walnuts | dry fruits | tea, coffee and herbal teas | nutraceuticals | raw materials for food industry | chondroitin | sugar | dietetic foods | vitamins and provitamins | erythritol

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  • Welcome to the world of raw materials. Michael Gutschke Rohstoffhandel specialises in the direct import and sale of high-quality natural raw materials and semi-finished products from the respective...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Extracte din condimente si mirodenii | Uleiuri esentiale si rezinoide | Ceara de albine | Sirop de lemn-dulce [+] Ceaiuri | carnauba wax | concentrated fruit syrups | resins | vegetable extracts | lac | aromatic products | food flavourings | natural essentiel oil flavourings | dried cola nuts

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    FRANTA- Rouffiac-Tolosan
    ROUFFIAC DISTRIBUTION S.A.S - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Alimente - import-export | Bauturi - import-export | Vite si pasari - hrana | Bauturi [+] Cafea si ceai | Produse lactate | Hrana pentru animale de companie | Productie agricola | Uleiuri vegetale | Fructe uscate | Leguminoase | Branzeturi | Hrana pentru sugari | Băuturi nealcolizate

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    FRANTA- Bron
    QAMIAB - Verified by Europages

    Voted the finest saffron in the world: Afghan saffron was voted the world's finest by the International Taste Institute, ahead of saffron from Morocco, Iran and even Spain. QAMIAB only selects the...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | AGRICULTURA ECOLOGICA | Delicatese | Agricultura - import-export | saffron [+] spices for caterers | delicatessen products | quality saffron | saffron for laboratories | saffron for industry | saffron for catering | saffron for grocery stores | afghan saffron | red saffron | premium saffron

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  • Established in 2020 in Mersin, Turkey, Tanla GIDA SAN. Ve TIC. LTD. STI. is a cubed tea producer for one of the most searched teas, Energy tea, and we like to call ourselves the new generation...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Alimentatie dietetica si biologica | Ceaiuri | Ceaiuri din plante | lemon tea [+] propolis | green tea | herbal products | herbal teas | herbal teapots | tea, coffee and herbal teas | ground tea | tea serving | organic tea | aromatic herbs

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    MALI- Bamako-Banankabougou
    EMN SARL - Verified by Europages

    EMN SARL, located in Bamako (MALI), is company which imports and exports local products. We are specialised in the transformation and export of local products, such as dried pepper, hibiscus, ginger,...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Import-export - produse agro-alimentare | gum arabic | sesame seeds | peanuts [+] chilli pepper | ginger | international trade | cashew nuts | sesame | dried peppers | hibiscus | shea nuts | baobab | karaya gum

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    AUSTRIA- Königsdorf
    MATTES KG - Verified by Europages

    TRADING B.V. is a private trading company in the Netherlands with headquarters in Rotterdam. We provide our valued customers with worldwide business solutions and high-quality branded products at...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Ulei de masline | Utilaje pentru constructii | Cereale si seminte | Porc - carne proaspata [+] Grasimi alimentare | meats | sunflower oil | biological oils | wood trade | lamb | farm machinery | linseed oil | seafood | fresh fruits and vegetables

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  • We are producers, importers and exporters of fresh and dried tropical fruit and vegetables, organic 100% natural. Transformation of fruit into frozen food in France. National and international short...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Agricultura - import-export | Alimente - import-export | Fructe uscate | Fructe tropicale [+] fruit and vegetable trade | frozen foods - production | fresh fruits and vegetables | frozen fruits | fresh exotic fruit | import export fruit and vegetables | organic fruit and vegetables | dried tropical fruit | exotic organic fruit | organic exotic fruit

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    RUSIA- Moscow
    ARTA GROUP LLC - Verified by Europages

    ARTA GROUP LLC has been producing and selling spices and seasonings in Russia, Europe and Asia. We offer high-quality client-oriented inexpensive products, which is achieved through our own...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Extracte din condimente si mirodenii | Plante aromatice | Arde iute si ardei gras | caraway [+] cinnamon | condiments | coriander | curry | flavoured condiments | ginger | ground chilli pepper | natural ingredients | organic products | packaged dill

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    RUSIA- Moscow
    UNITED SPICES, LTD - Verified by Europages

    We offer the best conditions and prices for the entire range of products from coconuts to decorative cosmetics. United Spices was founded in 2015. Due to a wide range of interests - from the...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Extracte din condimente si mirodenii | Cosmetice | Produse de ingrijire a pielii | Produse cosmetice [+] Uleiuri vegetale brute | professional make-up | coconut fibre | pepper | massage oils | cosmetic oils | coconuts | coconut oil | coconut flour | oil

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    AUSTRIA- Leoben
    BHG GREENFIELD GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Greenfield Shop or BHG Greenfield GmbH is one of the leading online shops and producer of CBD oils and further hemp products. Since 2016, our family business has stood for the highest hemp quality,...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Specialităţi alimentare | Cosmetice | hemp seed oil | hand disinfectant [+] hemp | hemp – plants | cbd oils | hemp oil | hemp cuttings | cbd honey | cbd for animals | vaporiser | cannabis oil | phenopen

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    FRANTA- Paris
    JMD CREATION - Verified by Europages

    JMD CREATION is a company based in Paris. Thanks to partnerships in place with a large number of suppliers we are able to offer a wide range of agrifood products: foodstuffs, oils, flours, rice,...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Comert international - consiliere | Import-export - produse agro-alimentare | Miere | Uleiuri vegetale [+] Ulei de masline | Orez | Legume deshidratate | Fructe si legume - import-export | Lapte | cocoa butter | honey | sunflower oil | palm oil | import and export of pulses

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    TURCIA- Trabzon
    RED RUBY - Verified by Europages

    Red Ruby Food Trade. Ltd. Sti. was established in 2018 and is based in Norway. The company accounts with several branches in Spain and Georgia and has distributorships in the United States and...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Ceaiuri | saffron | dry fruits | antioxidants [+] honey | dates | coffee | nuts | saffron spice | organic saffron | iranian saffron | paradise flower | saffron flower | quality saffron

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    RUSIA- Moscow
    MELNIR LLC - Verified by Europages

    Melnir has been offering turnkey food packaging solutions since 2011 and produces high-quality, functional plastic and glass packaging for spices and seasonings. Our grinders are good for grinding...

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Recipiente din sticla - articole de uz casnic | Sticla | Ambalaje din plastic | Sticle si borcane din sticla [+] spice jar | packaging development | glass bottles for condiments | glass items for food products | food packaging | packaging for foods | spreaders | storage jar | spice grinders

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    DANEMARCA- Svendborg
    BYRDAL APS - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | AGRICULTURA ECOLOGICA | Produse lactate | Import-export - produse agro-alimentare | Lemn - articole

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    FRANTA- Lille
    GREENVRAC - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Fructe uscate | Miere | Biscuiti sarati si aperitivi | Ulei de masline

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    FRANTA- Vitrolles
    MADA WORLD VANILLA - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii

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  • Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Miere | Magazine de plante medicinale

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  • Furnizor de: Extracte din condimente si mirodenii | Mirodenii | Sosuri

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    FRANTA- Noisy Le Sec
    SATOUROU EXOTIQUE - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Fructe tropicale | Alimente - import-export

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    FRANTA- Fresne
    MOISSI DES COMORES - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Extracte din condimente si mirodenii | Mirodenii | Alimente - import-export | Feronerie pentru constructii

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    GERMANIA- München
    SAFFRON KING BUSINESS - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii

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    BELGIA- Uccle
    TERRE ET SAVEURS - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Extracte din condimente si mirodenii | Agricultura - import-export

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    MADAGASCAR- Sambava
    MASPICIES - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Agricultura - import-export

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    SPANIA- Espinardo-Murcia
    PASCUAL REVERTE SL - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Extracte din condimente si mirodenii | Mirodenii

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    GERMANIA- Wildberg
    BIOVA GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii

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    TURCIA- Istanbul
    GLOBIZI - Verified by Europages

    Furnizor de: Mirodenii | Ulei de masline | Mese de joc si accesorii | Import-export - agenti | Comert international - consiliere

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