LANHIT LTD is a manufacturer of high-purity chemical compounds: inorganic bases and compounds, rare-earth compounds, iodides and other chemical products for export and import.

The company founded in 1991 by L.A. Niselson (Doctor of Sciences, a specialist in the field of rectification and crystallophysical refining, the author of 600 scientific publications) produces over 400 different compounds of 60 elements of the periodic system, based on its own R&D:

• Anhydrous and ultra-dry metal halides (chlorides, bromides, iodides). The purity of the products is 99.9 to 99.9999%, organic compound contaminants are less than 0.1-1 ppm, the content of water, OH-groups and hydrolysis products is less than 1-100 ppm. Ultra-dry halides are produced by the manufacturer of chemicals in the shape of crystals, in powder, in monodispersed beads (balls).
• Rare earth metal compounds (oxides, halides, carbonates, nitrates, sulphates, acetates, oxalates) with a purity of 99.9-99.999% with respect to rare earth impurities, the content of other metals not exceeding 50 ppm.
• High-purity metals and metal oxides, including alkali metals packed in ampoules under vacuum.

All of the company's permanent employees are university graduates, with key professionals holding PhDs and postgraduate degrees. Basic chemicals and derivative products produced by LANHIT can be used in many branches of science and technology: metallurgy, microelectronics and optoelectronics; in organic synthesis, etc.

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