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Inoxyda is a sand casting foundry for large dimension technical parts (5m x 5m – 50 To) in corrosion-resistant alloys: aluminium bronze or bronze. Inoxyda manufactures standard alloys and special aluminium bronzes: -Inoxyda 53H / 3P: castings -Inoxyda 53 AMA: non-magnetic applications -Inoxyda 154: high resistance Inoxyda's expertise in the production of large dimension parts makes it possible to produce all technical parts for valves, pumps and turbines, heat exchangers and naval applications including propulsion. Inoxyda uses digital simulation for the design of sand molds. A regular investment policy provides the means of production to ensure the quality of aluminium-bronze sand castings. Inoxyda delivers as-cast, rough or fully machined parts. The company, ISO 9001, has the approvals of classification societies: Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's, ABS, RINA;

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Obtinerea unei certificari ・ 24 feb. 2021

INOXYDA qui est un acteur industriel de la défense française, est fière d'intégrer le comité de défense du réseau NAE.


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