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GeDereX- first, a group of friends united by a mentor , Prof. Dr. Ing. Alecsandru Simion , which bring us the spirit of engineering and free thinking towards creation , then a team of researchers with the goal of finding the right technical solution where it is needed.This group has detached from the Collective of electrical machines, Electrical Engineering Faculty of Iași , as a result of the contracting of a sponsored contract under the : Priority axis 1 RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT AND INOVATION POC. S Action//Activity 1.2.1 : Stimulating enterprises demands.The proposed project plans to develop a wind generator with vertical wind turbine generator an innovative structure that can generate considerable power with low wind speeds.Our team, specialists in machines and electric drives, has successfully activated in several projects and has also various collaborations that have led to the development of experimental models for many applications such as: aeronautics, wind power, electric traction, pumps , etc.GeDereX- has a workshop of production experimental models of vertical axis wind turbine generators with power up to 10 kW and intends to extend its production activity to electric machines for other special applications such as automotive, aeronautics, traction, etc.GeDereX can help the partners successfully contribute to developing the right solutions to problems in the Electrical Engineering field and also bringing together colleagues from other fields of activity

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  • Grupuri electrogene
  • Cercetare stiintifica - institute si laboratoare
  • Generatoare de curent electric
  • Prelucrarea mecanica a suprafetelor - masini
  • Motoare electrice - curent alternativ
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